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Which of my investments in Stock Advisor recommendations should I sell?

Consider selling the stocks that are on hold and then the ones that are losers on your list, says Dhirendra Kumar

Over the last three years, I have invested Rs 9 lakh in the stocks recommended by VR Stock Advisor. Now, the value of my portfolio is Rs 15 lakh with gains. I want to take out Rs 3 lakh urgently for my needs. Which stocks should I sell - gaining ones, losing ones or Rs 3 lakh equally and proportionally?
- Venkat

Congratulations, it's a good problem to have once you are still sitting on gains. I would have suggested selling a part of your winners if some of our gainers had run away substantially. Although some of our winners have doubled or a little more than doubled in the last two and a half to three years, they have not attained their full potential. So, they have a long way to go. Hence, don't sell your winners.

For our lousy losers, we have already made sell recommendations. And a few have been put on hold, actually of late, quite a few because we think that the changed economic climate may be difficult for these stocks. If you have any stock that has been put on hold, while you still might be sitting on gains, you may sell it. Thereafter, if you have stocks where we have made the sell recommendation, sell them.

I would like to add here that we still think that all recommendations on our list are very high-quality companies. There is not much to worry except one or two (where we feel the environment is changing very rapidly), which we are watching very closely. But most of them are worthy of being held for a long period of time.

However, if you have to sell today, then first consider selling the stocks that are on hold. Thereafter, sell the ones that are losers on your list.

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