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Do I need to closely monitor SIP investments in Stock Advisor recommendations?

Active investors should take a bit of effort, be selective and invest in a few stocks regularly, suggests Dhirendra Kumar

Can the stocks recommended by Value Research Stock Advisor be bought as a monthly SIP and need not be monitored closely? Would starting another mid-cap SIP make sense?
- Ganesh Sivaprasad

Today, it is possible for you to be an active investor and you are paying us a fee for getting those recommendations. With this, you will save on the expense ratio, you will own the decision and I think you won't be disappointed. We have a good collection of mid caps, too, in our stock recommendation. But if you want to have simplicity and want to have a small part of your money as a structured investment, then, by all means, add a mid-cap SIP.

But I think active investors, i.e. those who graduated to subscribing to Stock Advisor, should take a little bit of effort to do it themselves. It's possible to have small SIP-equivalent money to be regularly invested in stocks, say four-five of them and every month, you may choose two-three stocks, which are relatively cheaper or whose price has come down, as investing in all of them may not be possible from the larger size of the stock universe that we recommend on Value Research Stock Advisor. So, you can opportunistically be selective with some of your stocks and regularly keep investing in them.

When we are recommending stocks in our Stock Advisor, we are not expecting you to buy these stocks and just sleep over it. We are expecting that you will be investing in these stocks over a period of time steadily by shortlisting those that you would like to invest in. We have given our shortlist as well which is called the 'Best Buy Stocks'. We keep reviewing it more often than we make recommendations or make changes. So, investing in those may be a possible idea. Also, with online trading, today it is possible to buy even small units like 1-2 shares in many of the stocks.

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