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I have lost contact with my mutual fund agent. How can I withdraw my investments?

Dhirendra Kumar explains the steps to withdraw your investments

I have invested some money in mutual funds through an agent but have lost contact with him. I want to now withdraw my investments. How can I do that?
- Praveen Shukla

There are two-three ways of doing it. One is that you can still look for the agent. Go to amfiindia.com, type his name and there is a lookup of all the mutual fund agents there. Each of them has an ARN number as well. You can figure out his ARN number in your account statement itself and can find your agent and his contact number on amfiindia.com.

Second is that all mutual fund account statements come with two forms at the bottom. One is for investing more and the other is for redeeming your investments. So, just fill the other part to redeem your investment. You can choose to redeem a part of it or redeem all your investments. You can also redeem in terms of units or in terms of rupees. You don't need to submit too much information. Just sign, mention the money you want to redeem and send it to the fund company. Then, it will get executed.

Since you have already provided your bank account details while investing in a mutual fund, the proceeds will come back directly to your bank account. So, you don't have to do anything extra. It's quite straightforward.

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