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Shree Rama Multi-Tech: Board Meeting Outcome for Outcome Of Board Meeting Dated 16Th December 2021

We hereby inform that the Board of Directors of the Company at its Meeting held on 16/12/2021 has approved the 1. Resignation of Smt. Vandana C. Patel (DIN: 07010646) from the designation as Independent Director of the Company with effect from 16/12/2021 due to ineligibility to hold the position as Independent Director and continue as Non-Executive Director liable to retire by rotation and also as woman director on the Board of the company. Further as per confirmation received from Smt. Vandana C. Patel there are no other material reasons for resignation other than as disclosed here in above.The details required under Reg. 30 of the SEBI (LODR) Reg. 2015 are given in Annexure A.2. Resignation of Smt. Vandana C. Patel (DIN: 07010646) as member of AC with effect from 16/12/2021.3. Restructuring of the Composition of BOD as per Annexure C 4. Reconstitution of AC as Annexure-D.We request to take the above on your record. Please refer the letter

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