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Should young investors stay away from the market during a peak?

Dhirendra Kumar guides young investors on the strategy they should follow

What do you suggest to young investors who are entering the markets at an all-time high? Should we stay away?

No. You are young and have all the time on your side. Just get into a conservative fund and be regular about it. Don't invest at one go. That's the best way to go. Lots of investors have done the waiting in 2017 and a lot have waited in 2016 for that correction.

There is a possibility that correction might happen or might not happen from a long-term perspective. Don't be fearful and get into the act. Just make sure that you do not need this money for the next five years. Be regular and start conservatively with a balanced fund. And, in three years time you will be well equipped to deal with these thing yourself.

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