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Where to park my lump sum money for 3 years till it gets invested in equity systematically?

Dhirendra Kumar gives a strategy on how to invest a lump sum money to avoid volatility in the market

Answer transcript: To invest a large sum of accumulated corpus, it is advisable to spread it over 3 years to invest in equity mutual funds. This will ensure that you capture a reasonable market cycle. This is primarily to reduce the substantial risk of capturing a market high for your accumulation. Decide to invest in 2 equity funds, and invest the lump sum in 1 or 2 short term debt fund of the same fund family and set up STP (Systematic Transfer Plan) to move the amount to equity funds. For example, if you want to invest ₹25 lakh, then divide it by 36 months and set STP (for that amount) to the equity funds.

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