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Pru-ICICI Growth & Income Pays Dividend

Pru-ICICI Mutual fund has paid a dividend of 8 per cent (Rs 0.80 per unit) each in its Growth and Income Fund. The record date for the same was March 15, 2002.

The current payout in Pru-ICICI Growth Plan is the fourth in line since its launch in June 1998. Earlier dividends were - 18 per cent in July 99, 100 per cent in March 2000 and 12 per cent in March 2001.

In Pru-ICICI Income Plan, the current payout is higher than the last dividend of 6 per cent declared in September 2001. The fund was launched in June 1998 and is the largest fund of the AMC with an asset base of Rs 2780.67 crore, as on February 28, 2002.