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Are India's most profitable companies in your portfolio?

August 2016 issue of Wealth Insight marks the debut of our annual Profit 100: India's Most Profitable Companies

Are Indias most profitable companies in your investment portfolioOne can rate and rank companies on a lot of different parameters but nothing reveals the truth as deeply as their profit margin. If a company has a long track record of high profit margins, it's much harder for any problems to derail it in the future. With the August 2016 issue of Wealth Insight, we are launching our annual Profit 100: India's Most Profitable Companies. Unlike listings of sales or market cap, this is a selected set which will actually help you as an investor.

That's not all. There's a lot more in this issue that will help you make better investment decisions and generate better returns:

  • Company Tale: Nirma - the announcement of Nirma acquiring Lafarge's cement assets in India has again turned the spotlight on the company and its founder
  • Interview: Sanjay Parekh, Senior Fund Manager, Reliance Mutual Fund, tells us about the pain ahead in banking and a lot else
  • First Page: Dhirendra Kumar explains the logic and the utility of our new Profit 100 study
  • Market Compass: The power index, buybacks as a shield from dividend tax, the small retail public holdings in big name stocks, and much more
  • Analyst's Diary: The El Nino/La Nina factor in the Indian economy, what rains in Brazil may or may not have to do with your stock investments, and recession-proof investing
  • Companies with moats: Our regular updated analysis of Indian businesses with competitive advantages and high barriers to entry
  • Straight Talk: Anand Tandon explains that microfinance companies may have yet more problems in their future
  • Main Street: Saurabh Mukherjea thinks that unintended consequences of the crackdown on black money is dampening economic growth
  • Off Beat: Sanjeev Pandiya writes about the fear that with RBI Governor Rajan's exit, monetary policy may go astray
  • The Chartist: Devangshu Datta looks at the difficult tasks before the next RBI Governor
  • Stock Ideas: Read about these investment ideas that you can use now:
    • Stocks that clear all the essential checks
    • Attractively-priced blue chips
    • Stocks with a high discount to book value
    • Reasonably priced growth stocks
    • High dividend-yield stocks
  • Stock Analyst's Choice: Our regular scorecard of the stocks we've recommended since 2011 and their performance.

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