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TeleCanor Global: Updates On The Shareholding Pattern

This is with reference to the information received by one of the Shareholders of the company Ms. Kala Praturi we came to know that her name was included in the Promoter Category in the Shareholding Pattern filled by the company for the previous couple of quarters but after having a inquiry in the matter and upon verification of the records of the company and also after checking the prospectus documents filed by the Company at the time of IPO it is observed that she does not came under the category of Promoter as her name was not there in any of the documents and also she merely holds 9867 shares of the company being a retail investor and does not having any relation with Promoter or Promoter Group Shareholders of the Company. As her name was included in the Promoter Category under the SP was merely a mistake by the company.And after rectifying the mistake of the company the Shareholdingof PG Shareholders will came to 28 30 724 being 24.85%of the total share capital of the company.

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