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Galactico Corporate Services: Board Meeting Outcome for Outcome Of Board Meeting Held On June 17 2022 At 03:00 P.M. And Concluded At 06:30 P.M.

Sir/Madam Pursuant to the requirements of Regulation 30 of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations 2015 (Listing Regulations) Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company held on Friday June 17 2022 at 03.00 p.m. and concluded at 06.30 p.m. at the Registered Office of the company inter alia transacted following:1. Discussed various aspects of Start Up Businesses in India.2. Discussed criteria for viable investment in such Start Up Businesses.3. Decided to invite viable proposals for evaluation and investment.4. Authorized Mr. Vipul Lathi (DIN: 05173313) Director of the Company to invite such proposals to carry out the Due Diligence and to do all such acts take all such actions and make all such decisions that are necessary for the purpose of acquisition.

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