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Can I invest even after I move to Europe?

NRIs can invest in Indian mutual funds, but they must do so in Indian currency

I have been investing in a few schemes of Franklin Templeton, ICICI Prudential, HDFC and Reliance mutual funds via Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). I want to continue with this investment for next 5-10 years. I might move to Europe by next year for three to five years. I want to stay invested in these mutual funds even when I am in Europe. Do I have to do some paperwork before I move outside India or I can simply keep transferring the money to my Indian saving account from where SIP amount is getting debited?
- Saurabh Jain

NRIs can invest in mutual funds in India. But they must do so in Indian currency. The money should be channelised from an account specially designed for NRIs.

For more details: NRI Corner.

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