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Change in CIO and Fund Managers of IDFC AMC

Mr. Kenneth Andrade has resigned from the services of IDFC AMC and ceases to be the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of AMC with effect from September 12, 2015.

Also, Mr. Anupam Joshi will no longer be the Fund Manager of the AMC with effect from September 16, 2015. Hence, the following Schemes currently managed by Mr. Anupam Joshi will be managed by the Fund Managers as mentioned against the respective schemes effective September 15,2015:

Name of SchemeNew Fund manager
IDFC Super Saver Income Fund - Medium Term PlanMr. Suyash Chaudhary
Debt portion of IDFC monthly Income PlanMr. Suyash Chaudhary
IDFC Cash FundMr. Harshal Joshi
IDFC Money Manager Fund - Treasury PlanMr. Harshal Joshi
IDFC Money Manager Fund - Investment PlanMr. Harshal Joshi
IDFC Ultra Short Term FundMr. Harshal Joshi
Debt portion of IDFC Dynamic Equity FundMr. Harshal Joshi
All Close-ended Debt Schemes (Except IDFC Fixed Term Plan - Series 21 & Series 23)Mr. Harshal Joshi
IDFC Yearly Series Interval Fund - Series I, II & IIIMr. Harshal Joshi


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