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Change in Fund Manager of JM Financial Mutual Fund schemes

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JM Financial Mutual Fund has re-allocated the following schemes amongst Mr. Chaitanya Choksi, Mr. Sanjay Chhabria and Mr. Asit Bhandarkar.

Scheme NameRevised Fund ManagerExisting Fund Manager
JM Arbitrage Advantage FundAsit Bhandarkar, Sanjay Chhabria & Chaitanya ChoksiChaitanya Choksi
JM Core 11 FundAsit Bhandarkar & Chaitanya ChoksiAsit Bhandarkar
JM Tax Gain FundSanjay Chhabria & Chaitanya ChoksiSanjay Chhabria
JM Equity FundSanjay Chhabria & Chaitanya ChoksiSanjay Chhabria

The Fund House also introduced annual bonus option under normal and direct plans of JM Balanced Fund and JM Arbitrage Advantage Fund.

The change will be effective from August 01, 2014.