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Value Orientation

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund boasts of some of the best equity & debt schemes on offer today…

It acquired Pioneer ITI (erstwhile Kothari Pioneer) in 2003 to become a sizeable Indian AMC. Franklin Templeton mutual fund has a notable line-up of both equity and fixed income schemes. In recent years, the AMC has built an impressive range of high yield fixed income funds with a portfolio of marginally lower rating profile. The AMC has all the right hygiene that has seen some of the best equity and debt schemes over the years managed by some of the best fund managers who have stayed with this fund house for years.

In recent years, the AMC has had a good run with its fixed income offerings, having developed niche funds. However, the equity schemes have been just about doing well and not had any spectacular or stellar performance. The value-oriented thinking and research is reflected in everything that this AMC does: fund performance is consistently above-average, but hardly outstanding. The complete range of funds offer options to both retail and institutional investors with quality service that make this fund house stand out for not just good offerings but also for value orientation that it sticks to at all the times.