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No Solution in Sight

Investors should be ready for high volatility even if the Euro zone crisis is resolved

What is your opinion about the Euro crisis? How long will it take to be resolved?

Whatever we say will only be a wild guess and our opinion will not be material, because there are too many variables. Various governments are collapsing because of the disagreement on a solution for the European crisis. The crisis has already pulled down two governments; it might pull down 3-4 more. Even the American economy will not be insulated from the escalation of this crisis. The dismantling of the Euro is also not being ruled out given the scale of disagreement and the magnitude of the problem. Since there is no easy solution, our opinion doesn’t matter. What we know for sure is that it is going to create anxiety in the minds of investors because investors can't look forward to any amicable solution in the near future. Hence, we would say that investors should be ready for great volatility even if there is a solution, because the belief in that solution will not be very high.

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