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Benchmark Mutual Fund Schemes to be Renamed post acquisition

Goldman Sachs AMC proposes to acquire Benchmark AMC. Subsequent to this acquisition, all the schemes of Benchmark Mutual Fund will be renamed. Benchmark Mutual Fund has 13 schemes in operation currently. Change in the name of the schemes will not result in any change in the basic characteristics and fundamental attributes of the schemes (except the change in the fundamentals attributes of Liquid BeES), including the investment objectives of respective schemes.

Investors who want to exit can redeem their units between July 11, 2011 and August 10, 2011.

Current Name  Proposed New Name
Nifty BeES GS Nifty BeES
Junior BeES GS Junior BeES
Bank BeES GS Bank BeES
Shariah BeES GS S&P Shariah BeES
Infra BeES GS Infra BeES
Hang Seng BeES GS Hang Seng BeES
Liquid BeES GS Liquid BeES
Gold BeES GS Gold BeES
Benchmark Derivative Goldman Sachs Derivative
Benchmark Equity & Derivative Opportunities Goldman Sachs Equity & Derivative Opportunities
Benchmark S&P CNX 500 Goldman Sachs S&P CNX 500
Benchmark Short Term Goldman Sachs Short Term