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Avnish Jain resigns from Deutsche Mutual Fund

Mr.Avnish Jain, Head Fixed Income and Fund Manager- Fixed Income, has resigned from the services of Deutsche Asset Management Pvt. Ltd. with effect from December 31, 2010.

Subsequent to his resignation, Mr. Kumaresh Ramkrishnan, Fund Manager -Fixed Income has been designated as the Head Fixed Income with immediate effect.

Consequently, following is the list of current fund managers:

Scheme  Fund Manager  Co - Fund Manager
DWS Insta Cash Plus Kumaresh Ramakrishnan Nitish Gupta
DWS Ultra Short Term Nitish Gupta Kumaresh Ramakrishnan
DWS Cash Opportunities Kumaresh Ramakrishnan Rakesh Suri
DWS Money Plus Kumaresh Ramakrishnan Rakesh Suri
DWS Short Maturity Nitish Gupta Kumaresh Ramakrishnan
DWS Premier Bond  Nitish Gupta Kumaresh Ramakrishnan
DWS Gilt  Nitish Gupta Kumaresh Ramakrishnan
DWS Money Plus Advantage - Debt Portion Nitish Gupta Kumaresh Ramakrishnan
DWS Twin Advantage - Debt portion Nitish Gupta Kumaresh Ramakrishnan
DWS Treasury- Cash Plan Kumaresh Ramakrishnan Nitish Gupta
DWS Treasury - Investment Plan Nitish Gupta Rakesh Suri
DWS FTF Series - 67 to 69 Series Kumaresh Ramakrishnan 
DWS FTF Series - 71 to 77 Series Kumaresh Ramakrishnan