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Pioneer ITI Mutual Announces Dividends in three Debt Funds

Pioneer ITI Mutual Fund, has announced dividends in three of its debt schemes - Income Builder Account, Treasury Management Account and Monthly Income Plan. The record date for all the three funds has been set as January 25, 2002.

Pioneer ITI Income Builder Account (IBA), a medium-term debt fund has announced a dividend of 1 per cent (Rs.0.10 per unit) under its monthly dividend option. The fund has paid an aggregate dividend of 11.5 per cent in the current financial year spread over ten consecutive monthly payments.

A weekly dividend of 0.145 per cent (Rs 1.45 per unit on the face value of Rs.1,000) has been declared in the Pioneer ITI Treasury Management Account (TMA). The fund's one-month return of 0.65 per cent exceeds the category average return of 0.62 per cent.

Pioneer ITI Monthly Income Plan (MIP) has declared a monthly dividend of 0.75 per cent (Rs.0.075 per unit). In the calendar year 2001, the fund has paid a total dividend of 9.42 per cent in twelve monthly payouts.