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Templeton’s Money Market and Treasury Management funds to be merged

Templeton India Money Market Account (TIMMA) would be merged with Templeton India Treasury Management Account (TITMA)– Liquid Plan with effect from October 22, 2010. After the merger, investors under dividend plan of TIMMA would come under the daily dividend reinvestment plan of TITMA; and investors of bonus plan under TIMMA would become investors of the growth option in TITMA-liquid plan.

The requirement of minimum application amount for fresh and additional purchase of units as mentioned in the scheme information document will not be applicable for units of TITMA allotted to investors of TIMMA due to the merger.

As per regulatory requirements, investors in TIMMA are given an option to exit at prevailing NAV without any exit load between September 23, 2010 and October 22, 2010.

The sale of units of TIMMA will be suspended from September 23.