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SBI MF revises asset allocation in three of its debt schemes

SBI Mutual Fund has revised the asset allocation pattern under SBI Premier Liquid Fund, Magnum InstaCash Fund and SBI Short Horizon Debt Ultra Short Fund. The changes are as follows:

SBI Premier Liquid Fund and Magnum InstaCash Fund will invest upto 100 per cent in debt instruments (including debt derivatives) and money market instrument (including cash/CBLO/Repo and equivalent) with a residual maturity in line with SEBI regulation and upto 20 per cent in securitised debt.

SBI Short Horizon Debt Ultra Short Fund will invest 65 to 100 per cent in money market instruments (including cash/CBLO/Repo and equivalent) and debt secutitised with residual maturity upto one year including debt derivatives, upto 35 per cent in debt securitised with maturity/residual maturity more than one year one year including debt derivatives and upto 30 per cent in securitised debt.