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Dividend Payouts in Three Debt Funds of Pioneer ITI MF

Pioneer ITI Mutual Fund has announced dividend payouts in three of its debt funds namely:- Income Builder Account (IBA), Treasury Management Account (TMA) and Monthly Income Plan (MIP). The record date for all the above schemes has been fixed as October 23, 2001.

Pioneer ITI Income Builder Account (IBA) will pay a monthly dividend of 1% (Rs.0.10 per unit). As on October 22, 2001, the open-ended medium-term debt fund posted a return of 14 per cent since its launch in June 1997.

A weekly dividend of 0.145% (Rs.1.45 per unit on face value of Rs.1000) will be paid in Pioneer ITI Treasury Management Account (TMA). The open-ended short-term cash fund has returned an annualized 9.2 per cent (as on October 22, 2001) since its launch in April 1998.

Pioneer ITI Monthly Income Plan (MIP) will pay a monthly dividend of 0.75% (Rs.0.075 per unit). The open-ended debt fund launched in September 2000 has posted a return of 13.6 per cent as on October 22, 2001.