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UTI announces change in Fund Managers

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With effect from September 24, 2009, UTI Mutual Fund has announced a change in fund managers.

- Amandeep Chopra will manage UTI- Unit Linked Insurance Plan, UTI- Mahila Unit Scheme and UTI- MIS Advantage Plan.

- Amandeep Chopra will manage the debt portfolio while V. Srivatsa will manage the equity portfolio of UTI Balanced Fund, UTI CRTS, UTI Monthly Income Scheme, UTI-Retirement Benefit Pension Fund and UTI-Capital Protection Oriented Schemes.

- The debt portfolio of UTI-Children Career Balanced Plan will be managed by Amandeep Chopra while the equity portfolio will be managed by Anoop Bhaskar.

- Anoop Bhaskar will manage UTI-CCP Advantage Fund.