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Dividend Payouts in Three Debt Funds of Kothari Pioneer MF.

Kothari Pioneer has announced monthly dividend payouts in three of its debt funds namely-: Income Builder Account (IBA), Treasury Management Account (TMA) and Monthly Income Plan (MIP). While the record date for KP-IBA and KP-MIP has been fixed as July 25, 2001, the record date for the KP-TMA is July 26, 2001.

Kothari Pioneer Income Builder Account (KP-IBA) will pay a monthly dividend of 1% (Rs.0.10 per unit). As on July 13, 2001, the open-ended medium term debt fund posted a return of 14.05 percent since its launch in June 1997.

A weekly dividend of 0.154% (Rs.1.54 per unit) will be paid in Kothari Pioneer Treasury Management Account (KP-TMA). The open-ended short-term cash fund has returned an annualised 9.34 percent (as on July 13, 2001) since its launch in April 1998.

Kothari Pioneer Monthly Income Plan (KP-MIP) will pay a monthly dividend of 0.75% (Rs.0.075 per unit). The open-ended debt fund launched in September 2000 has posted a return of 11.80 percent as on July 13, 2001.