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Can't Foresee Market Fall

No particular sector preference for Ravuri's funds. His bottom-up approach has worked well for his two HDFC funds. Find out what makes him tick & why he doesn't foresee a market fall

Ravuri joined HDFC AMC in October 2004. He currently manages HDFC Growth and HDFC Long Term Equity. Prior to this he has worked with Motilal Oswal Securities as a senior analyst and Rooshnil Securities and Securities Capital Investments as an analyst. Ravuri is a commerce graduate with an MBA in finance.

Do you see a market crash in the near future?
Predicting the movements of the market is always difficult. But I do not foresee any big downfall from these levels. HDFC Growth Fund is an open-ended growth scheme. As a general strategy, the fund stays nearly fully invested in equities and related instruments at all points of time.

What is the strategic and tactical orientation of your fund?
The investment strategy is to invest in fundamentally sound companies that are likely to give better risk adjusted returns. The scheme will continue to have a diversified portfolio with a good mix of large- and mid-cap companies with a relatively high exposure to sectors that are likely to do well. The objective is to identify businesses with superior growth prospects and good management at a reasonable price.

Which are your top sector preferences? ,br>Since we adopt the bottom-up approach to investing, the importance of sectors gets diluted.