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Sector Industry 1-Day Return 1-Week Return 1-Month Return 3-Month Return 1-Year Return 3-Year Return 5-Year Return 10-Year Return
UB Engineering Ltd.
Construction Infrastructure --------
Ucal Fuel Systems Ltd.
Automobile Auto Ancillaries 0.89-1.88-10.60-22.34-8.8619.4937.9015.64
UCO Bank
Financial Banking -0.28-1.11-9.16-12.07-47.58-30.77-23.78-5.04
Udaipur Cement Works Ltd.
Construction Cement -1.13-7.18-12.75-26.37-50.364.23--
Uday Jewellery Industries Ltd.
Cons Durable Gems & Jewellery 2.3934.8334.7375.78367.53---
Chemicals Plastic Packaging goods -0.90-5.48-13.37-32.49-43.6019.6232.998.53
UFO Moviez India Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment 2.671.780.43-7.53-5.04-15.78--
UG Hotels & Resorts Ltd.
Services Hotels & Restaurants --------
Ugar Sugar Works Ltd.
FMCG Sugar -1.42-10.17-15.50-26.29-57.5216.65-2.49-2.17
UH Zaveri Ltd.
Cons Durable Gems & Jewellery -5.71-17.91-39.67-----
Ujaas Energy Ltd.
Engineering Electronic Equipts. -2.42-7.34-19.20-44.66-63.67-16.41-14.13-
Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd.
Financial Misc. 2.650.41-0.95-2.8213.24---
Ultracab (India) Ltd.
Engineering Wires & cables 3.864.15-5.40-16.61-29.3010.81--
Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd.
Chemicals Dyes & Pigments 0.56-3.10-0.98-23.8137.1350.3639.7522.24
Ultratech Cement Ltd.
Construction Cement 0.37-2.326.03-5.13-6.524.9014.9221.76
Umang Dairies Ltd.
FMCG Dairy products 0.59-0.26-9.82-11.90-5.926.0315.3627.83
Umiya Tubes Ltd
Metals Steel Tubes & Pipes 0.669.1411.9536.55-1.77---
Umred Agro Complex Ltd.
FMCG Soyabean Prod. -5.00---17.30----
UMS Technologies Ltd.
Cons Durable Consumer Electronics --------
Uni Abex Alloy Products Ltd.
Metals Steel Tubes & Pipes 0.00-8.54-24.43-21.5643.50-5.8724.4419.89
Uni Legwears (India) Ltd.
Textiles Misc.Textiles 0.00-4.90--45.28---
Unichem Laboratories Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma 0.58-4.27-6.31-10.48-14.86-3.516.9413.05
Unick Fix-A-Form And Printers Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma -4.88-18.23------
Uniinfo Telecom Services Ltd.
Communication Telecom.Services 0.00-9.07-16.83-33.33----
Unijolly Investments Co. Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services --------
Unimers India Ltd.
Chemicals Rubber & Rubber Prod. --------
Unimin India Ltd.
Chemicals Thermoplastics --------
Unimode Overseas Ltd.
FMCG Other Leather Prod. --------
Union Bank of India
Financial Banking 0.330.20-13.76-16.26-50.05-23.08-13.27-4.03
Union Quality Plastics Ltd.
Chemicals Plastic Packaging goods 0.00-0.24--28.2486.26--
Uniphos Enterprises Ltd.
Chemicals Pesticides -2.31-5.61-5.12-13.64-10.0217.3933.199.53
Uniply Decor Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase -1.101.3326.34-12.10122.5752.7752.12-
Uniply Industries Ltd
FMCG Wood -2.93-8.86-17.10-21.7117.3154.39131.3438.80
Unipro Technologies Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
Unique Organics Ltd.
FMCG Cosmetics & Toiletries --------
Uniroyal Industries Ltd.
Textiles Misc.Textiles 0.00-8.12-8.12-23.31-13.4030.1716.547.40
Uniroyal Marine Exports Ltd.
FMCG Marine Foods
Unishire Urban Infra Ltd.
Construction Construction -1.97-1.97-5.78-1.8643.17-4.38--
Unison Metals Ltd.
Metals Stainless Steel 0.00---4.891.74---
Unistar Multimedia Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase -3.807.0452.0072.73-40.4426.95--
Unisys Software & Holding Inds. Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 0.00-------
Unitech International Ltd.
Services Trading 4.94-5.29-2.72-7.98-24.61-10.0013.30-
Unitech Ltd.
Construction Real Estate 0.00-2.41-10.00-33.06-52.63-18.91-27.02-30.26
United Bank Of India
Financial Banking -0.46-1.36-4.80-14.84-44.25-23.38-25.01-
United Breweries (Holdings) Ltd.
Financial Misc. --------
United Breweries Ltd.
FMCG Beer -3.43-9.74-14.72-4.1931.531.625.4623.32
United Credit Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase 0.00-10.4715.6210.006.03-9.53--1.21
United Drilling Tools Ltd.
Engineering Machine Tools -0.32-16.41-23.08-55.64-54.557.39-19.36
United Interactive Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
United Leasing & Inds. Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing 0.00-------
United Polyfab Gujarat Ltd.
Textiles Textile Processing 4.924.92-33.7315.55---
United Spirits Ltd.
FMCG Liquors 0.90-6.74-15.01-17.865.07-7.900.6810.43
United Textiles Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn --------
United Van Der Horst Ltd.
Financial Business Consultancy 0.001.5820.77---40.553.53
Uni-Tubes Ltd.
Metals Other Non-Ferrous Metal 0.35-0.356.9063.79--30.22-
Unity Infraprojects Ltd
Construction Construction 0.00-13.04-23.08-54.02-71.01-47.69-39.26-30.54
Univastu India Ltd.
Construction Construction 3.45--22.45----
Universal Arts Ltd.
Engineering Electronic Components --------
Universal Autofoundry Ltd.
Automobile Auto Ancillaries 0.00-0.1812.65-32.48---
Universal Cables Ltd.
Engineering Wires & cables 1.85-5.03-7.98-10.4517.8231.9742.029.62
Universal Credit & Securities Ltd.
Financial Misc. 0.00-1.06-16.67-85.23-56.41--
Universal Office Automation Ltd.
Services Trading 0.00-13.81-11.86--51.25-27.503.24-9.47
Universal Prime Aluminium Ltd.
Metals Aluminium Prod. --------
Universal Starch-Chem Allied Ltd.
FMCG Starches 3.344.9722.3380.60-27.42-16.52
Uniworth Ltd.
Textiles Woollen Textiles 0.00-4.44-15.69-38.57-77.37-28.60--
Unjha Formulations Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma -4.34-10.36-28.37-39.42-51.537.81-8.61
Unno Industries Ltd.
FMCG Food Processing --------
UP Hotels Ltd.
Services Hotels & Restaurants --------
Upasana Finance Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing -2.265.59-7.169.0123.5743.13--
UPL Ltd.
Chemicals Inorganic Chem. -0.43-2.30-15.74-28.23-35.790.1830.1114.54
Upper Ganges Sugar & Inds. Ltd.
FMCG Sugar --------
Upsurge Investment & Finance Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase 4.820.842.58-22.07120.6221.4512.59-
Uravi T And Wedge Lamps Ltd.
Automobile Auto Ancillaries 0.00-1.870.002.69----
Urja Global Ltd.
Services Trading -5.54-12.91-26.40-41.65229.55-15.86-1.428.25
USG Tech Solutions Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 2.502.503.022.50-15.2913.90-18.49-
Usha Housing Devp. Co. Ltd.
Construction Construction --------
Usha Martin Education & Solutions Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 4.08-4.679.68-23.31-59.68-34.89-28.35-17.02
Usha Martin Ltd.
Metals Other Metal prod. 6.67-2.66-11.117.1120.477.772.03-10.96
Ushakiran Finance Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing --------
Ushdev International Ltd.
Services Trading 4.354.35-20.00-32.20-72.09-67.11-49.79-18.22
Usher Agro Ltd
FMCG Food Processing -4.82-9.54-25.47-50.73-70.85-59.96-42.72-32.93
UT Ltd.
Engineering Other Machinery --------
Uttam Galva Steels Ltd.
Metals Finished Steel -2.53-15.85-31.56-44.80-73.94-40.68-32.67-14.45
Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd.
FMCG Sugar -5.31-14.57-18.58-30.53-57.0578.3536.392.48
Uttam Value Steels Ltd.
Metals Finished Steel 0.000.00-50.00-50.00-80.00-50.38-40.89-25.44