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Sector Industry 1-Day Return 1-Week Return 1-Month Return 3-Month Return 1-Year Return 3-Year Return 5-Year Return 10-Year Return
P C Products India Ltd.
Services Trading 0.00-0.72-6.35-19.23-24.7635.87--
Pacheli Industrial Finance Ltd.
Construction Infrastructure 0.00-------
Pacific Cotspin Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn --------
Pacific Industries Ltd.
Construction Granite -3.33-4.33-13.68-7.90-23.47-1.985.07-
Pact Industries Ltd.
Metals Steel Tubes & Pipes -0.42-3.24-4.02--20.331.88--
Padam Cotton Yarns Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn 4.964.96------
Padmalaya Telefilms Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment -5.00-5.00-18.45-19.15-62.007.4712.15-9.85
Padmanabh Industries Ltd.
Chemicals Organic Chemicals 2.06-2.79-7.29-3.6012.6776.26--
PAE Ltd.
Automobile Auto Ancillaries --------
Page Industries Ltd.
Textiles Cloth 0.00-11.34-5.84-21.75-5.0028.1931.1352.68
Paisalo Digital Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services 0.00-0.45-1.21-1.534.5219.21-3.7821.64
Pal Credit & Capital Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase --------
Palash Securities Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services 0.00-4.97-24.07-21.69-53.67---
Palco Metals Ltd.
Metals Aluminium 0.00----6.64--
PALM Jewels Ltd.
Cons Durable Gems & Jewellery 0.000.00------
Palred Technologies Ltd.
Technology Computer Software -3.04-15.29-33.29-17.98-70.87-38.19-2.55-0.09
Palsoft Infosystems Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase --------
Pan Electronics (India) Ltd.
Chemicals Plastic Films --------
Pan India Corporation Ltd
Technology Computer Software 0.005.0010.5310.53--14.81-4.90-11.59
Panacea Biotec Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma 0.002.31-4.522.37-49.1122.8011.748.90
Panache Digilife Ltd.
Technology Computer Hardware 0.00-2.44-6.43--27.27---
Panafic Industrials Ltd.
Financial Misc. -1.690.007.4170.5916.00-74.05--
Panama Petrochem Ltd.
Energy Lubricants, etc. 0.43-5.54-24.85-30.73-51.1733.7636.8126.66
Panasonic Carbon India Co. Ltd.
Engineering Welding machinery -0.98-4.71-21.92-27.94-48.76-10.4318.9613.98
Panasonic Energy India Co. Ltd.
FMCG Dry Cells -0.57-6.69-21.54-23.44-51.26-13.9928.7919.21
Panasonic Home Appliances India Company Ltd.
Cons Durable Domestic Electrical Applns. --------
Panchmahal Steel Ltd.
Metals Finished Steel 3.77-4.82-18.17-20.70-27.7043.95--
Panchsheel Organics Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma 4.9211.09-11.59-10.00-31.83-7.52-18.64
Pankaj Piyush Trade & Investments Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services -5.00-15.25-19.15-20.57-21.55-29.64--
Pankaj Polymers Ltd.
Chemicals Plastic Packaging goods ---61.38-55.20-9.03-7.992.56
Panoramic Universal Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
Pansari Developers Ltd.
Construction Real Estate --------
Panth Infinity Ltd.
Diversified Diversified 0.00-------
Panther Industrial Products Ltd.
Services Trading --------
Panyam Cements & Mineral Inds. Ltd.
Construction Cement 4.689.51-37.95-48.66-83.33-48.78-22.40-24.84
PAOS Industries Ltd.
FMCG Vegetable oils --------
Parab Infra Ltd.
Metals Ferro Alloys 0.00-------
Parabolic Drugs Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma -3.95-9.32-29.81-46.13-83.04-40.33-22.42-
Parag Milk Foods Ltd.
FMCG Dairy products 0.40-0.27-14.56-17.36-28.98---
Paragon Finance Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing 0.00-14.02-15.08-25.20-49.9121.66--
Paramount Communications Ltd.
Engineering Wires & cables -2.150.64-6.6613.49-22.6357.3745.954.91
Paramount Cosmetics (India) Ltd.
Services Trading 0.00--0.72-13.42-45.66-23.410.24-
Paramount Printpackaging Ltd.
Chemicals Paints & Varnishes --------
Paras Petrofils Ltd.
Textiles Synthetic Yarn --------
Parekh Aluminex Ltd.
Metals Aluminium --------
Parekh Platinum Ltd.
Metals Minerals --------
Parenteral Drugs (India) Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma 3.40-6.63-22.53-17.21-62.56-41.18-22.47-12.60
Parichay Investments Ltd.
Financial Misc. --------
Pariksha Fin-Invest- Lease Ltd.
Financial Misc. --------
Parin Furniture Ltd.
FMCG Wood 0.00-1.64-1.228.60----
Parker Agrochem Exports Ltd.
Services Trading 0.00----16.52-0.18
Parle Software Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 0.00-5.204.43-18.36-2.98-8.99-15.32
Parmax Pharma Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma --------
Parnax Lab Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma 4.09-13.49-21.06-25.99-34.14-0.23-2.54-
Parrys Sugar Industries Ltd.
Metals Ferro Alloys --------
Parsharti Investment Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase 0.001.05--65.526.09-4.87
Parshwanath Corporation Ltd.
Financial Housing Finance --------
Parsvnath Developers Ltd.
Construction Real Estate 1.34-0.93-26.35-35.09-76.66-31.56-27.01-11.66
Partani Appliances Ltd.
Services Trading --------
Parth Aluminium Ltd.
Metals Ferro Alloys 0.00-------
Parth Industries Ltd.
FMCG Misc. Manuf.Articles --------
Parvati Sweetners and Power Ltd.
FMCG Sugar 4.5516.29-25.54-51.29----
Pasari Spinning Mills Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn 4.764.768.64-67.0038.5112.235.86
Pashupati Cotspin Ltd.
Textiles Textile Processing 0.00-------
Pasupati Acrylon Ltd.
Textiles Synthetic Yarn -1.50-8.07-34.83-35.47-52.45-1.1233.2221.28
Pasupati Fincap Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase --------
Pasupati Spinning & Weaving Mills Ltd.
Textiles Synthetic Yarn --3.45---26.57-5.63--
Patdiam Jewellery Ltd
Cons Durable Gems & Jewellery --------
Patel Engineering Ltd.
Construction Construction 1.06-6.27-29.29-37.02-66.74-22.24-15.36-15.30
Patel Integrated Logistics Ltd.
Services Road Transport -0.14-5.96-23.82-8.39-46.13-24.2818.877.89
Patels Airtemp (India) Ltd.
Cons Durable Domestic Electrical Applns. 0.51-1.60-14.31-19.26-46.89-7.2017.1112.34
Patidar Buildcon Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma 0.00----62.70-39.08--
Patspin India Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn 0.00-11.84-18.951.01-53.477.016.606.11
Paul Merchants Ltd.
Diversified Diversified -3.58-14.98-44.59-46.08-66.64-5.99--
Paushak Ltd
Chemicals Pesticides -0.65-0.33-25.08-20.1624.8849.7165.1053.63
Pawansut Holdings Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services 1.528.0676.3266.12-50.25-52.43-59.69-
PB Films Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment --------
PBA Infrastructure Ltd
Construction Construction 0.00-------
PBM Polytex Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn 3.1714.724.42-1.87-11.851.6211.2423.92
PC Jeweller Ltd.
Cons Durable Gems & Jewellery 0.303.45-13.64-12.29-81.38-30.546.91-
PCS Technology Ltd.
Technology Computer Hardware -3.89-16.59-31.29-33.46-66.34-28.03-11.12-0.54
PDS Multinational Fashions Ltd.
Textiles Textile Processing 1.24-0.71-4.39-12.52-9.828.68--
Pearl Electronics Ltd.
Engineering Electronic Equipts. 3.70-7.89-45.74-71.54---52.90-
Pearl Global Industries Ltd.
Textiles Cloth 6.17-1.38-8.860.9823.60-15.17-3.1112.48
Pearl Polymers Ltd.
Chemicals Plastic Packaging goods 0.00-5.44-18.12-14.72-62.33-7.218.545.52
Pecos Hotels and Pubs Ltd
Services Hotels & Restaurants --------
Pee Cee Cosma Sope Ltd.
FMCG Soaps & Detergents 0.00-5.24-22.30-15.31-48.668.5622.8710.37
Peeti Securities Ltd.
Textiles Cloth 4.9321.2943.4428.0117.256.74--
Peninsula Land Ltd.
Construction Real Estate -1.002.33-26.12-32.79-71.36-22.16-23.61-8.31
Pennar Aluminium Co. Ltd.
Metals Aluminium Prod. --------
Pennar Engineered Building Systems Ltd.
Metals Ferro Alloys 0.00-1.64-14.97-12.78-43.06-29.43--
Pennar Industries Ltd.
Metals Ferro Alloys 2.61-2.63-17.67-17.99-49.07-9.189.363.78
Penta Gold Ltd.
Cons Durable Gems & Jewellery --------
Pentamedia Graphics Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment -7.41-19.35-35.90-26.47--29.01-22.93-16.45
Pentokey Organy (India) Ltd.
Chemicals Organic Chemicals -4.94-22.51-42.80-42.29-47.31-16.62-3.79-
Perfect Infraengineers Ltd.
Construction Construction --------
Perfect-Octave Media Projects Ltd.
Textiles Textile Processing 0.00-------
Perfectpac Ltd.
FMCG Paper prod. 4.87-8.18-26.54-22.26-38.9237.1033.10-
Peria Karamalai Tea & Produce Co. Ltd.
FMCG Tea & Coffee 0.003.02-10.89-10.69-60.922.915.60-
Permanent Magnets Ltd.
Engineering Electrical Machinery -3.141.10-11.16-26.5344.70108.5981.30-
Persistent Systems Ltd.
Technology Computer Software -2.70-3.0413.1713.26-15.95-1.383.63-
Petron Engineering Construction Ltd.
Construction Construction 0.00-16.20-37.76-48.51-81.59-49.45-23.30-11.07
Petronet LNG Ltd.
Energy Crude Oil & Natural Gas -0.89-3.65-2.63-1.14-12.7520.3429.6028.51
Pfizer Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma 0.00-0.909.353.0826.4413.7322.7019.08
PFL Infotech Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 1.1113.757.187.69-11.05-25.05-55.8511.51
PG Electroplast Ltd.
Cons Durable Consumer Electronics 0.00-8.05-29.67-27.70-75.76-6.44-16.79-
PG Foils Ltd.
Metals Aluminium Prod. 3.212.58-2.39-12.31-58.7517.3320.0213.38
PG Industry Ltd.
Construction Granite -1.09-1.09---20.18---
PH Capital Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services 0.00-------
Phaarmasia Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma 0.00-5.57-14.79-10.00-68.97-17.586.91-
Pharma Com (India) Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma 0.000.00-25.72-50.42-58.03---
Pharmaids Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma --------
Phillips Carbon Black Ltd.
Chemicals Carbon Black 6.393.87-19.17-27.87-38.03104.7672.5637.71
Phoenix International Ltd.
Services Trading 0.009.812.363.2716.0519.276.108.75
Phoenix Lamps Ltd.
Automobile Auto Ancillaries --------
Phoenix Mills Ltd.
Construction Real Estate 0.482.943.06-1.461.3526.9322.4426.85
Phoenix Township Ltd.
Services Hotels & Restaurants 0.00-0.3330.6024.18-5.9027.41--
Photon Capital Advisors Ltd.
Services Misc.Other Services 0.00-------
Photoquip (India) Ltd.
FMCG Misc. Manuf.Articles -3.56-8.37-25.69-33.33-2.340.51-7.498.91
Phyto Chem (India) Ltd.
Chemicals Pesticides 3.18-5.56-17.09-24.15-45.1113.2925.3816.85
PI Industries Ltd.
Chemicals Pesticides 2.83-0.375.287.577.1917.2829.87-
Piccadily Agro Inds. Ltd.
FMCG Other 1.15-2.63-13.54-19.53-29.6412.455.9717.92
Piccadily Sugar & Allied Inds. Ltd.
FMCG Sugar 9.8211.21-11.897.52-12.7716.866.35-2.23
Picturehouse Media Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment 0.00-4.78--0.50-56.26-41.53-37.25-6.29
Pidilite Industries Ltd.
Chemicals Thermoplastics 1.55-4.57-6.62-4.6320.3319.6931.2537.19
PIL Italtca Lifestyle Ltd.
Chemicals Other Plastic Prod. 0.50-4.09-30.803.22-59.4022.4631.9331.03
Pilani Investment & Inds. Corpn. Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services 1.382.10-2.99-10.58-29.89-12.56-
Pincon Spirit Ltd.
FMCG Liquors --------
Pine Animation Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
Pioneer Agro Extracts Ltd.
FMCG Vanaspati 0.00-------
Pioneer Distilleries Ltd.
FMCG Liquors -1.57-13.92-24.31-15.91-31.79-9.8315.1420.27
Pioneer Embroideries Ltd.
Textiles Misc.Textiles -2.72-6.64-30.76-33.56-45.50-27.4623.956.65
Pioneer Investcorp Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing 4.9326.6747.7873.29-43.4615.8426.55-0.06
Piramal Enterprises Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma 1.060.23-4.31-3.76-16.3533.8233.7828.96
Piramal Glass Ltd.
Construction Glass & Glassware --------
Piramal Phytocare Ltd.
Healthcare Health Services 1.85-1.61-5.50-10.13-37.42-19.641.84-4.25
Pithampur Poly Products Ltd.
Chemicals Plastic Packaging goods --------
Pithampur Steels Ltd.
Metals Structurals --------
Pitti Engineering Ltd.
Engineering Transformers -0.858.03-20.17-38.26-43.3318.9326.2615.93
Pix Transmissions Ltd.
Chemicals Rubber & Rubber Prod. 4.09-0.18-10.96-7.1614.3453.5638.5434.11
Planter'S Polysacks Ltd.
Chemicals Plastic Packaging goods --------
Plastiblends India Ltd.
Chemicals Dyes & Pigments 0.52-4.12-9.47-21.71-17.86-3.2826.4321.45
Platinum Corporation Ltd.
Services Trading --------
Plethico Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma --------
PM Telelinnks Ltd.
Metals Finished Steel 0.008.41--16.670.14-10.05-
PMC Fincorp Ltd.
Financial Misc. 2.56-6.98-4.76-13.04-31.03-10.05-59.87-
PNB Gilts Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services 0.000.51-6.33-5.28-17.788.8412.746.95
PNB Housing Finance Ltd.
Financial Housing Finance -0.08-4.51-2.23-12.63-27.66---
PNC Infratech Ltd.
Services Road Transport -7.76-4.52-13.22-14.57-21.519.25--
Pneumatic Holdings Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services --------
Pochiraju Industries Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma --------
POCL Enterprises Ltd.
Chemicals Organic Chemicals 13.937.41-22.00-21.33-59.29-0.10--
Poddar Housing and Development Ltd
Construction Construction 2.99-1.76-4.34-17.46-57.89-21.7531.4032.55
Poddar Infrastructure Ltd.
Construction Construction --------
Poddar Pigments Ltd.
Chemicals Dyes & Pigments 3.440.39-16.64-26.90-45.986.0426.6924.61
Pokarna Ltd.
Construction Granite -2.54-3.60-16.61-11.66-26.702.5949.1739.69
Polar Industries Ltd.
Cons Durable Domestic Electrical Applns. --------
Polar Pharma India Ltd.
Chemicals Rubber & Rubber Prod. --------
Polaris Consulting & Services Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
Polo Hotels Ltd.
Services Hotels & Restaurants 4.9815.36-7.52-38.64-44.69-25.08--12.88
Polo Queen Industrial & Fintech Ltd.
Services Trading 0.00-------
Polson Ltd.
Chemicals Dyes & Pigments 1.38-4.06-9.83-11.27-40.3124.1537.13-
Poly Medicure Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma -0.16-1.32-1.77-0.37-12.7917.3314.4857.79
Polychem Ltd.
Chemicals Thermoplastics 0.00-------
Polycon International Ltd.
Chemicals Other Plastic Prod. --------
Polygenta Technologies Ltd.
Textiles Misc.Textiles --------
Polylink Polymers (India) Ltd.
Chemicals Thermoplastics 7.494.43-13.61-14.95-37.5029.5463.7435.41
Polymac Thermoformers Ltd.
Chemicals Other Plastic Prod. --------
Polymechplast Machines Ltd.
Chemicals Rubber & Rubber Prod. 5.441.80-21.62-12.85-12.0641.9531.51-
Polyplex Corporation Ltd.
Chemicals Plastic Films 0.00-2.70-11.38-23.10-7.1125.9628.0822.51
Polyspin Exports Ltd.
Textiles Synthetic Yarn -4.99-3.28-17.63-18.52-8.30-42.0026.47
Polytex India Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing -4.32-1.90--50.00--36.83-36.75-
Pondy Oxides & Chemicals Ltd.
Chemicals Inorganic Chem. 1.03-4.79-13.70-18.61-42.1153.6275.1137.82
Ponni Sugars (Erode) Ltd.
FMCG Sugar 0.008.25-1.94-3.08-21.24-4.667.1016.13
Poojawestern Metaliks Ltd.
Metals Other Non-Ferrous Metal 0.00---2.33-6.09---
Poona Dal & Oil Inds. Ltd.
FMCG Vegetable oils 1.61-1.90-9.39-14.69-53.2512.5311.435.92
Popular Estate Mngt. Ltd.
Financial Misc. --------
Porwal Auto Components Ltd.
Automobile Auto Ancillaries -1.55-1.89-20.80-21.46-48.798.4952.1315.08
Positive Electronics Ltd.
Cons Durable Consumer Electronics --------
Power & Instrumentation (Gujarat) Ltd.
Construction Construction 0.00-------
Power Finance Corpn. Ltd.
Financial SIDCs/SFCs 1.358.111.356.152.8412.457.654.70
Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.
Energy Electricity Distribn. 1.362.97-5.82-3.19-6.698.8613.877.76
Power Mech Projects Ltd
Engineering Power Projects 1.08-5.48-12.07-13.88-9.3211.78--
Powerful Technologies Ltd.
Cons Durable Consumer Electronics 0.000.00-13.24-32.14----
Powerhouse Gym & Wellness Ltd
Others Others - Pending --------
Powersoft Global Solutions Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
PPAP Automotive Ltd.
Automobile Auto Ancillaries 0.92-2.06-27.54-34.25-54.5130.3338.4524.51
Prabhat Dairy Ltd.
FMCG Dairy products 0.18-4.73-40.63-45.07-69.08-17.25--
Prabhat Telecoms (India) Ltd.
Communication Telecom.Services 1.190.937.7732.8854.40---
Prabhav Industries Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
Pradeep Metals Ltd.
Metals Castings & Forgings 4.071.25-2.80-13.16-28.2118.8332.2627.07
Pradhin Ltd.
Metals Finished Steel 2.3519.8932.39150.10261.0584.4953.8928.67
Pradip Overseas Ltd.
Textiles Textile Processing 0.00-2.842.11-43.14-1.99-17.31-
Prag Bosimi Synthetics Ltd.
Textiles Synthetic Yarn -2.080.36-3.75-10.48-9.32-24.45-2.50-1.10
Praj Industries Ltd.
Engineering Industrial Machinery
Prajay Engineers Syndicate Ltd.
Construction Real Estate 8.752.607.342.37-26.2611.165.93-5.34
Prakash Constrowell Ltd.
Construction Construction 0.00-3.08-24.10-30.00-56.85-2.9833.24-
Prakash Industries Ltd.
Diversified Diversified 0.00-1.51-5.35-16.34-60.6947.1518.527.38
Prakash Steelage Ltd.
Construction Construction 0.0080.0050.00-18.18--64.21-47.45-
Prakash Woollen & Synthetic Mills Ltd
Textiles Woollen Textiles 2.84-14.83-11.04-23.78-45.9517.8518.32-
Pranavaditya Spinning Mills Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn --2.67--21.03-20.7210.96-
Prataap Snacks Ltd.
FMCG Food Processing -1.50-7.31-19.41-19.24-30.82---
Pratibha Industries Ltd.
Construction Real Estate 0.00-2.94--31.25-78.15-62.99-42.78-18.11
Pratik Panels Ltd.
FMCG Wood --------
Pratiksha Chemicals Ltd.
Chemicals Dyes & Pigments --0.00--23.2947.1121.7514.02
Praxis Home Retail Ltd.
Services Retailing 6.022.81-5.21-7.35-4.15---
Precious Trading & Investments Ltd.
Financial Misc. --------
Precision Camshafts Ltd.
Engineering Industrial Machinery -1.47-3.18-25.35-17.30-54.11-30.79--
Precision Containeurs Ltd.
Metals Metal Tanks & Fabrications 0.000.00-29.63--45.71-47.92-17.63-20.46
Precision Electronics Ltd.
Communication Communication Equipt. -1.962.04-25.00-23.21-34.88-14.4823.732.81
Precision Wires India Ltd.
Engineering Wires & cables -1.820.52-19.86-12.83-39.6538.1033.3230.84
Precot Meridian Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn 0.00-10.62-35.26-31.51-39.164.96-7.391.40
Prem Somani Financial Services Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services --------
Premco Global Ltd.
Textiles Readymade Garments -1.67-7.37-27.82-42.20-58.10-38.8321.88-
Premier Capital Services Ltd
Financial Invest.Services --------
Premier Energy and Infrastructure Ltd.
Construction Infrastructure --------
Premier Explosives Ltd.
Chemicals Explosives 1.39-0.33-10.35-11.51-46.94-14.4019.2027.34
Premier Ltd.
Engineering Machine Tools 4.84-1.30-23.84-29.50-78.85-42.87-35.17-14.80
Premier Polyfilm Ltd.
Chemicals Plastic Films 0.00-4.87-17.72-14.10-47.07-3.38--
Premier Synthetics Ltd.
Textiles Synthetic Yarn 0.00-5.62-23.80-61.88-78.99---
Premium Capital Market & Investment Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase --------
Prerna Infrabuild Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services 0.00-6.90-8.47-15.62-18.39-
Presha Metallurgical Ltd.
Metals Minerals --------
Pressman Advertising Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment -2.941.43-21.55-21.92-56.65-15.184.35-
Pressure Sensitive Systems (India) Ltd.
Services Trading --------
Prestige Estates Projects Ltd.
Construction Real Estate -0.166.630.5422.03-29.7010.749.43-
Pretto Leather Inds. Ltd.
FMCG Other Leather Prod. --------
Pricol Ltd.
Automobile Auto Ancillaries 0.28-0.42-26.59-28.00-63.30---
Prima Agro Ltd.
FMCG Oil cakes & Animal Feed -5.00-9.38-24.24-26.14-65.1510.81--
Prima Industries Ltd.
FMCG Vegetable oils --------
Prima Plastics Ltd.
Chemicals Other Plastic Prod. -1.32-4.41-10.68-17.36-55.74-9.0445.5532.40
Prime Capital Market Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services --------
Prime Customer Services Ltd.
FMCG Food Processing 4.76-3.512.28-0.90-41.30---
Prime Focus Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment 1.435.55-12.56-16.08-47.461.5114.2020.61
Prime Industries Ltd.
FMCG Vanaspati --------
Prime Property Devp. Corpn. Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase -2.95-0.70-6.15-5.32-37.57-2.8716.96-7.68
Prime Securities Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services 2.521.55-1.73-3.18-9.93120.8971.7513.75
Prime Urban Development India Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn -4.92--15.66-12.02-42.42-7.1617.03-0.69
Primuss Pipes & Tubes Ltd.
Metals Steel Tubes & Pipes 0.004.88------
Prism Finance Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase --------
Prism Informatics Ltd.
Financial Misc. --------
Prism Johnson Ltd.
Construction Cement 2.13-0.92-16.98-18.82-43.352.5923.6313.63
Prism Medico and Pharmacy Ltd.
Financial Misc. -4.61-9.15-15.40-7.9915.08-16.4518.05
Prithvi Exchange (India) Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 1.53-8.62--28.28-60.945.052.9613.00
Prithvi Information Solutions Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
Priti International Ltd.
Diversified Diversified 0.003.7720.8815.18----
Pritika Auto Industries Ltd.
Financial Misc. -1.49-2.30-11.03-17.3721.93---
Pritish Nandy Communications Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment 0.00-6.07-4.6928.46-
Priya Ltd.
Technology Computer Hardware 0.00-0.60-5.57-3.37-
Priyadarshini Spinning Mills Ltd.
Textiles Synthetic Yarn --------
Pro Fin Capital Services Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase 1.014.3431.3932.2413.1321.2320.84-
Proaim Enterprises Ltd
Financial Misc. 0.00-------
Procal Electronics India Ltd.
Services Trading 0.00-------
Procter & Gamble Hygiene & Health Care Ltd.
FMCG Cosmetics & Toiletries 0.23-1.56-0.094.946.9718.8326.1229.79
Progressive Extractions & Exports Ltd.
FMCG Soyabean Prod. --------
Prolife Industries Ltd.
Chemicals Misc.Chem. 0.00-------
Promact Plastics Ltd.
Chemicals Plastic Packaging goods 0.00-5.00-1.556.0071.17-27.079.93
Proseed India Ltd.
Diversified Diversified -4.172.22-34.29-11.54--34.49-5.79-35.75
Proto Developers & Technologies Ltd
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma --------
Provestment Services Ltd.
Services Misc.Other Services --------
Provogue (India) Ltd.
Textiles Cloth 4.67-4.27-51.09-62.67-81.18-36.18-30.63-28.77
Prozone Intu Properties Ltd.
Construction Real Estate -2.000.75-11.62-8.94-53.492.0512.24-
PS Global Ltd.
Construction Real Estate --------
PS IT Infrastructure & Services Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services -1.89-3.82-11.46-7.56--17.38--
PSL Ltd.
Metals Steel Tubes & Pipes 4.1220.24-19.84-36.08-74.49-51.81-41.61-34.42
PSP Projects Ltd.
Construction Real Estate 0.20-1.03-4.26-1.27-21.02---
PTC India Financial Services Ltd.
Financial Misc. 0.921.78-16.74-13.73-54.10-23.431.92-
PTC India Ltd.
Energy Electricity Distribn. 10.4712.05-6.461.93-17.799.997.683.20
PTC Industries Ltd.
Metals Castings & Forgings 0.00-4.38-11.14-19.55-25.2424.83--
PTL Enterprises Ltd.
Services Trading -2.93-5.32-12.17-15.23-28.81-26.199.0314.68
Pudumjee Paper Products Ltd.
FMCG Paper prod. 1.50-10.32-23.13-21.71-39.89---
Pulz Electronics Ltd.
Engineering Electronic Components 0.00-0.0015.06-22.73---
Punit Commercials Ltd.
Cons Durable Gems & Jewellery --------
Punj Lloyd Ltd.
Construction Construction 4.70-4.88-61.00-82.47-92.55-58.76-43.21-32.91
Punjab & Sind Bank
Financial Banking 1.20-2.14-18.18-13.25-34.72-8.95-9.69-
Punjab Alkalies & Chemicals Ltd.
Chemicals Caustic Soda 4.9519.71-6.81-21.78138.6365.4123.7010.45
Punjab Chemicals & Crop Protection Ltd.
Chemicals Organic Chemicals 0.51-2.75-12.624.5555.9874.9660.1917.64
Punjab Communications Ltd.
Communication Communication Equipt. -1.16-3.13-32.00-36.09-56.74-28.66-26.752.17
Punjab National Bank
Financial Banking 1.722.30-14.18-0.28-39.00-2.26-7.71-0.20
Punjab Woolcombers Ltd.
Textiles Woollen Textiles --------
Puravankara Ltd.
Construction Real Estate 0.783.03-7.16-10.54-48.4816.684.896.58
Pure Giftcarat Ltd.
Cons Durable Gems & Jewellery --------
Purity Flex Pack Ltd.
FMCG Paper --------
Purohit Construction Ltd.
Construction Construction --------
Purple Entertainment Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment --------
Pushpanjali Realms and Infratech Ltd.
Construction Real Estate 0.00-------
PVP Ventures Ltd.
Construction Real Estate -0.85-0.28-10.03-5.41-49.86-10.83-7.79-8.01
PVR Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment -1.370.11-9.184.974.6425.9522.8433.33
PVV Infra Ltd.
Construction Construction -4.96-13.31-8.03-12.30-24.5316.39-13.30-
Pyxis Finvest Ltd
Financial Misc. --------