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Sector Industry 1-Day Return 1-Week Return 1-Month Return 3-Month Return 1-Year Return 3-Year Return 5-Year Return 10-Year Return
NACL Industries Ltd.
Chemicals Pesticides 2.07-1.45-5.240.00-52.9910.3643.1720.23
Naga Dhunseri Group Ltd.
Financial Misc. 1.48-1.750.224.91-56.22---
Nagarjuna Agri Tech Ltd.
FMCG Floriculture --------
Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.
Chemicals Nitrogenous Fertilizer. 0.00-2.812.37-3.35-62.96---
Nagarjuna Oil Refinery Ltd.
Energy Crude Oil & Natural Gas -7.14-13.33-18.75-50.00-84.15-45.14-30.10-
Nagpur Power & Inds. Ltd.
Energy Electricity Generation 0.15-9.911.7923.33-25.95-0.19-0.914.15
Nagreeka Capital & Infrastructure Ltd
Financial Invest.Services -2.90-3.573.313.31-68.925.38--3.94
Nagreeka Exports Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn -1.50-13.53-4.172.68-41.62-9.454.568.43
Nahar Capital & Financial Services Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services -1.25-1.064.17-50.1312.1314.8416.68
Nahar Industrial Enterprises Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn -0.45-6.984.146.65-47.83-1.83-0.3010.40
Nahar Polyfilms Ltd.
Textiles Textile Processing 0.00-8.93-1.165.08-49.44-9.1123.4515.37
Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn 3.50-0.532.1420.84-24.20-3.45-3.7715.66
FMCG Other --------
Nakoda Group Of Industries Ltd.
FMCG Food Processing --------
Nakoda Ltd.
Textiles Textile Processing --------
Nakshatra Infrastructure Ltd.
Construction Real Estate --------
Nalin Lease Finance Ltd.
Financial Misc. --------
Nalwa Sons Investments Ltd.
Financial Misc. 2.070.360.659.11-18.8418.8913.998.53
Nam Securities Ltd.
Financial Misc. 5.005.00--39.49---
Nandan Denim Ltd.
Services Trading -0.92-3.80-8.75-13.27-60.82-23.7715.5518.81
Nandani Creation Ltd.
Textiles Textile Processing 0.00-------
Narayana Hrudayalaya Ltd.
Healthcare Health Services -0.56-6.91-8.78-11.49-35.56-16.25--
Narayani Steels Ltd.
Metals Stainless Steel --------
Narbada Gems and Jewellery Ltd.
FMCG Poultry & meat prod. -2.070.00-1.33-7.1418.1891.03--
Narendra Investments(Delhi) Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services 0.00-------
Narendra Properties Ltd.
Construction Real Estate --------
Narmada Agrobase Ltd.
FMCG Other -2.06--5.00-19.49----
Narmada Gelatines Ltd.
Chemicals Misc.Chem. 0.300.302.80-0.13-28.15-6.473.5218.41
Natco Economicals Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services -1.93-5.66-5.18-67.65-87.33---
Natco Pharma Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma -0.141.300.93-2.40-32.439.2533.8454.20
Nath Bio Genes (India) Ltd.
FMCG Other -0.98-3.300.9716.73-24.7869.76--
Nath Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd.
FMCG Paper 2.19-2.394.8145.3373.9438.83107.1342.95
National Aluminium Co. Ltd.
Metals Aluminium 1.650.08-0.80-8.32-21.4021.5711.002.89
National Fertilizers Ltd.
Chemicals Nitrogenous Fertilizer. -0.700.280.143.48-49.619.817.644.14
National Fittings Ltd.
Metals Steel Tubes & Pipes 1.43-2.58-6.91-13.85-34.9825.0498.3755.97
National General Industries Ltd.
Metals Finished Steel --------
National Oxygen Ltd.
Chemicals Indl.Gases -3.20-4.11-5.00-19.19-6.31-3.17-0.125.33
National Peroxide Ltd.
Chemicals Inorganic Chem. 3.00-11.33-17.21-19.0353.6187.0252.6838.96
National Plastic Inds. Ltd.
Chemicals Other Plastic Prod. 3.18-1.52-2.689.13-31.11-8.5541.9920.67
National Plastic Technologies Ltd.
Chemicals Other Plastic Prod. 0.00-3.324.69-3.46-25.31-6.0710.8215.63
National Plywood Inds. Ltd.
FMCG Wood -2.26-8.252.8022.33----
National Steel & Agro Inds. Ltd.
Metals Finished Steel 0.00-3.32-4.29-7.07-84.74-18.63-12.95-4.49
National Thermal Power Corp. Ltd.
Energy Electricity Generation -1.44-3.83-6.51-14.70-18.500.621.43-2.42
National-Standard Duncan Ltd.
Metals Steel Wires --------
Natraj Proteins Ltd.
FMCG Oil cakes & Animal Feed 0.00-------
Natura Hue Chem Ltd.
FMCG Other --------
Natural Capsules Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma -2.04-6.90-1.10-1.57-46.40-16.7114.3318.24
Naturite Agro Products Ltd.
FMCG Other --------
Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd.
Diversified Diversified 0.450.04-7.131.54-32.9913.516.607.43
Navigant Corporate Advisors Ltd
Financial Misc. --------
Navin Fluorine International Ltd.
Chemicals Organic Chemicals 0.24-1.93-8.932.95-20.5025.5963.2440.27
Navkar Builders Ltd.
Construction Infrastructure -4.89-1.626.4591.9050.975.50-9.64
Navkar Corporation Ltd.
Services Transport Support Services -0.54-10.03-25.06-38.03-76.30-38.23--
Navketan Merchants Ltd.
Services Trading --------
Navneet Education Ltd.
FMCG Books & Newspapers -
Nayara Energy Ltd.
Energy Crude Oil & Natural Gas --------
Naysaa Securities Ltd.
Financial Misc. 0.00-14.43--33.61-6.83--
NB Footwear Ltd.
FMCG Footwear --------
NBCC India Ltd.
Construction Real Estate -1.13-4.441.977.85-52.85-2.2742.58-
NBI Industrial Finance Co. Ltd.
Financial Misc. -0.48-3.82-0.5718.23-28.89---
NCC Blue Water Products Ltd.
FMCG Marine Foods 1.9523.50118.01-----
NCC Finance Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase --------
NCC Ltd.
Construction Construction -0.93-3.500.4125.29-32.568.9735.0910.45
NCL Industries Ltd.
Construction Cement 0.32-1.90-12.335.68-56.88-2.7244.8119.38
NCL Research & Financial Services Ltd.
Financial Misc. 2.949.37-33.96-47.76-83.25--61.63-
ND Metal Inds. Ltd.
Metals Other Non-Ferrous Metal --------
NDA Securities Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase --------
Nectar Lifesciences Limited
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma -0.26-5.21-7.95-11.16-45.58-22.062.722.48
Neelamalai Agro Industries Ltd.
FMCG Tea & Coffee 0.00-------
Neelkanth Rockminerals Ltd.
Construction Granite --------
Neeraj Paper Marketing Ltd.
FMCG Paper prod. --------
Neha International Ltd.
FMCG Floriculture -1.157.50-12.42-7.92-47.50-7.97-18.55-10.01
Neil Industries Ltd.
Financial Misc. --------
Nelcast Ltd.
Metals Castings & Forgings 0.06-0.51-0.2515.57-16.5911.1731.3030.23
Nelco Ltd.
Technology Computer Hardware 2.64-7.5713.1424.13120.1043.1747.6425.54
Neo Corp International Ltd.
Chemicals Plastic Packaging goods --------
Neogem India Ltd.
Cons Durable Gems & Jewellery --------
NEPC India Ltd.
Energy Electricity Generation --------
Nesco Ltd.
Diversified Diversified -0.020.320.11-0.06-26.9213.4723.2827.26
Nestle India Ltd.
FMCG Dairy products 0.852.372.7121.0748.9927.4817.2722.41
Net 4 India Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
Netlink Solutions (India) Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 0.00-4.85--1.2719.67-0.80
Netripples Software Ltd
Technology Computer Software -2.517.1817.29-----
Nettlinx Ltd.
Technology Computer Software -4.96-7.03-10.23-33.17-45.6619.34-13.06
Netvista Information Technology Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
Network 18 Media & Investments Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment 1.75-6.43-2.70-9.99-31.92-7.733.61-8.55
Network Ltd.
Engineering Electronic Equipts. 0.00-4.915.00-20.00-39.13-26.22-8.03-11.72
Neueon Towers Ltd.
Metals Metal Tanks & Fabrications 0.00-8.7032.63-14.86-72.67-53.50-30.25-27.54
Neuland Laboratories Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma -4.31-0.358.01-10.68-43.08-10.6410.9420.47
Neulands Global Industries Ltd.
Metals Steel Tubes & Pipes 0.00-6.06-8.82-18.42-69.61-43.92-24.21-23.28
New Delhi Television Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment -1.68-7.49-10.096.51-24.14-20.33-14.65-8.15
New Heaven Chemicals and Industries Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma --------
New Light Apparels Ltd.
Textiles Textile Processing -0.456.3139.4910.19109.57---
New Markets Advisory Ltd.
Financial Business Consultancy --------
Newever Trade Wings Ltd.
Metals Other Metal prod. --------
Newgen Software Technologies Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 0.03-1.18-0.1727.76----
Newtime Infrastructure Ltd
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma --------
Next Mediaworks Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment -1.76-1.183.5163.5240.6212.7546.007.95
Nextgen Animation Mediaa Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment --------
Nexus Commodities And Technologies Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 0.00-1.88-15.63-----
Nexxoft Infotel Ltd.
Engineering Other Machinery --------
NG Industries Ltd.
Healthcare Health Services 4.51-0.76-4.56-3.13-26.00-10.122.686.89
NGL Fine-Chem Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma -0.39-0.465.18-3.17-0.5124.8980.4554.97
NHC Foods Ltd.
Technology Computer Software -4.86-9.78-0.41-22.01-67.40-33.01-33.43-
Energy Electricity Generation -0.59-2.32-2.705.21-17.088.896.70-
Nicco Corpn. Ltd.
Engineering Wires & cables --------
Nicco Parks & Resorts Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment 0.63-6.01-14.65-21.64-33.44-1.9517.6923.40
Nicco Uco Alliance Credit Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase 0.00-------
Nidhi Granites Ltd.
Construction Granite --------
Nihar Info Global Ltd.
Services E-Commerce -4.92-14.431.100.08-16.22-18.00107.4412.04
Technology Computer Software -0.376.455.3030.22-13.453.5327.6615.53
NIIT Technologies Ltd.
Technology Computer Software -1.575.4014.574.1162.6738.3525.9037.79
Nikhil Adhesives Ltd.
Services Trading -1.432.222.412.03-44.3141.0440.4826.44
Nikki Global Finance Ltd.
Financial Misc. 0.00-1.88-3.82----62.22-0.07
Nila Infrastructures Ltd.
Construction Real Estate 1.49-11.91-10.864.04-68.88-17.9723.3926.00
Nila Spaces Ltd.
Construction Real Estate -2.82-26.60------
Nilachal Refractories Ltd.
Construction Refractories --------
Nile Ltd.
Metals Metal Tanks & Fabrications 0.98-3.50-7.90-9.96-62.5726.6636.6119.85
Nilkamal Ltd.
Chemicals Other Plastic Prod. -0.90-5.45-15.28-15.39-32.810.9953.6435.13
Nimbus Foods Industries Ltd.
FMCG Food Processing
Nimbus Industries Ltd.
FMCG Tea & Coffee 0.00-1.29--34.55-28.07-4.57-33.28-
Nimbus Projects Ltd.
Financial Misc. -5.00-7.48-----11.02
NINtec Systems Ltd
Technology Computer Software 0.00--3.34-12.93---
Niraj Cement Structurals Ltd.
Construction Cement -0.68-1.81-0.91-12.30-30.622.7433.633.25
Nirav Commercials Ltd.
Metals Aluminium Prod. 0.00-------
Nirlon Ltd.
Textiles Synthetic Yarn -0.101.391.703.84-6.804.4432.9825.94
Nirmal Metal Ltd.
Metals Metal Tanks & Fabrications --------
Nishtha Finance and Investment (India) Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services --------
Nissan Copper Ltd.
Engineering Wires & cables --------
Nitco Ltd.
Construction Ceramic tiles -2.23-7.29-6.1918.67-64.980.8221.622.92
Nitesh Estates Ltd.
Construction Real Estate 19.635.7915.3212.28-63.32-21.70-13.67-
Nitin Alloys Global Ltd.
Financial Misc. -3.31-6.355.04-5.81-21.6533.08-13.24
Nitin Fire Protection Industries Ltd.
Diversified Diversified -3.13-13.89-16.22-26.19-77.86-65.22-49.07-13.63
Nitin Spinners Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn -3.77-0.174.3819.85-20.239.6738.1536.05
Nitiraj Engineers Ltd.
Construction Construction 0.00---11.11-40.00---
Nitta Gelatin India Ltd.
FMCG Other
Nivyah Infrastructure & Telecom Services Ltd.
Communication Telecom.Services --------
NK Industries Ltd.
Energy Crude Oil & Natural Gas 0.00-0.83--8.02-11.69--8.42
NLC India Ltd.
Energy Electricity Generation 0.590.960.51-14.46-35.82-2.563.32-0.85
Metals Minerals -0.55-3.70-5.12-18.61-39.853.81-9.13-4.67
NMS Resources Global Ltd.
Services Trading -4.97-4.97--6.79---20.86-
Noble Explochem Ltd.
Chemicals Explosives --------
Noble Polymers Ltd.
Chemicals Plastic tubes & pipes --------
Chemicals Thermoplastics -2.40-4.58-5.627.06-24.0847.9461.0629.57
Noesis Industries Ltd.
Services Trading --------
Noida Medicare Centre Ltd.
Healthcare Health Services --------
Noida Toll Bridge Co. Ltd.
Construction Construction 0.00-2.80-12.58-4.79-53.36-33.28-19.87-11.14
Norben Tea & Exports Ltd.
FMCG Tea & Coffee --------
Norris Medicines Ltd.
Services Trading -4.744.20-2.31-30.25----
North Eastern Carrying Corporation Ltd.
Services Transport Support Services 1.53-3.72-6.8920.88-69.69-44.26-34.09-
Northlink Fiscal and Capital Services Ltd.
Financial Misc. --------
Nouritrans Exim Ltd.
Services Trading 0.71-9.55--37.72-85.05---
Nouveau Global Ventures Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase 0.00----2.56--19.9629.34
Nova Iron & Steel Ltd.
Metals Sponge Iron -2.58-9.38-13.69-23.05-52.56-18.02-31.35-
NovaGold Petro Resources Ltd
Services Storage & Distribn. --------
Novartis India Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma 2.302.161.829.4312.06-0.4511.2311.56
Novopan Industries Ltd.
FMCG Wood --------
NPR Finance Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing -6.02-13.49-9.65-3.11-43.2017.2617.8214.76
NR Agarwal Inds. Ltd.
FMCG Paper -1.80-7.92-16.65-28.37-33.06111.8572.9343.08
NR International Ltd
Services Trading --------
NRB Bearings Ltd.
Engineering Ball Bearings 0.60-6.291.0233.0416.3416.7438.2025.91
NRB Industrial Bearings Ltd.
Engineering Ball Bearings 3.611.32-6.71-10.00-18.76-25.9033.79-
NRC Ltd.
Textiles Synthetic Yarn --------
NTC Industries Ltd.
FMCG Tobacco Prod. -4.613.384.61-11.45-29.18-2.9812.420.85
Nu Tek India Ltd.
Communication Telecom.Services 0.000.00-12.50-12.50-77.42-18.61-11.64-31.31
Nuchem Ltd.
Chemicals Misc.Chem. --------
Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 0.000.53-3.435.33-23.6016.6915.7522.12
Nu-Tech Corporate Services Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing --------
Nutech Global Ltd.
Textiles Synthetic Fabrics 0.00-------
Nutraplus Products (India) Ltd.
Chemicals Inorganic Chem. -6.67-5.91-7.418.70-53.70-55.9825.6225.78
Nutricircle Ltd.
Textiles Textile Processing --------
Nuway Organic Naturals India Ltd.
Services Trading --------
Nyssa Corporation Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services 0.00-7.48-19.51-27.21-36.94-73.81-63.92-