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Sector Industry 1-Day Return 1-Week Return 1-Month Return 3-Month Return 1-Year Return 3-Year Return 5-Year Return 10-Year Return
I Power Solutions India Ltd.
Financial Misc. 0.004.55-----10.29-14.08
IB Infotech Enterprises Ltd.
FMCG Food Processing 0.002.49-15.03---4.86-
ICE Make Refrigeration Ltd.
Engineering Electronic Components 1.931.341.34-5.73----
ICICI Bank Ltd.
Financial Banking -2.10-2.36-6.228.828.828.0712.4911.75
ICICI Lombard General Insurance Comapny Ltd.
Financial General Insurance -1.50-2.739.0822.10----
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd.
Financial Life Insurance -1.10-3.86-8.02-9.82-15.40---
ICICI Securities Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services 0.360.491.38-9.42----
Financial Credit Ratings & Information 1.631.621.4214.19-2.86-2.5827.1421.07
ICSA (India) Ltd.
Technology Computer Software -4.83-9.21-25.41-30.65-45.24-17.95-14.15-41.25
ICVL Chemicals Ltd
Chemicals Chemical Extraction 0.000.00-6.98-51.10-83.54-64.11--
IDBI Bank Ltd.
Financial Banking -3.27-2.00-9.71-5.14-1.66-1.96-1.61-3.34
Ideal Optics Ltd.
FMCG Misc. Manuf.Articles 1.7814.38101.1736.92-78.68---
IDFC Bank Ltd.
Financial Banking -0.90-0.11-5.903.42-27.82---
Financial SIDCs/SFCs -1.80-0.30-5.85-1.01-21.27-28.39-12.40-4.12
IEC Education Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 0.00-------
IFB Agro Inds. Ltd.
FMCG Liquors 2.540.59-1.754.0059.1028.0736.0030.29
IFB Industries Ltd.
Cons Durable Domestic Electrical Applns. 0.750.32-7.95-11.4252.1134.8086.2743.20
Financial DFIs -2.87-0.65-10.56-7.85-35.79-10.39-7.93-8.54
IFGL Refractories Ltd.
Construction Refractories 0.440.987.0531.21----
IFGL Refractories Ltd. (Merged)
Construction Refractories --------
IFL Enterprises Ltd.
Services Trading -9.86-------
IFL Promoters Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase --------
IG Petrochemicals Ltd.
Chemicals Organic Chemicals -2.16-1.06-2.02-12.40-28.4059.1493.6829.73
Igarashi Motors India Ltd.
Engineering Motors & generators -1.786.581.516.67-19.839.2164.2132.95
IGC Industries Ltd.
Services Trading --------
IIFL Holdings Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services -0.38-3.26-14.03-10.59-12.1950.7067.9619.87
IITL Projects Ltd.
Services Trading 0.00-------
Ikab Securities & Investment Ltd.
Engineering Textile Machinery 0.00-------
IKF Finance Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing --------
IKF Technologies Ltd.
Technology Computer Software -3.45-5.08-3.457.69--6.26--
IL&FS Engineering and Construction Company Ltd.
Construction Construction -8.39-4.55-31.06-53.57-61.71-41.00-13.74-29.50
IL&FS Investment Managers Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services -8.00-14.02-33.81-38.46-36.99-20.40-3.63-6.07
IL&FS Transportation Networks Ltd.
Construction Infrastructure -6.83-3.44-28.47-47.45-66.93-35.54-23.49-
IM+ Capitals Ltd.
Financial Misc. 4.262.93--20.48-55.3210.34-18.40-10.63
IMP Powers Ltd.
Engineering Transformers -1.890.69-0.21-18.99-11.1511.1025.24-2.98
Impex Ferro Tech Ltd.
Metals Ferro Alloys 0.00-9.090.00-16.67--38.97-37.52-29.58
In House Productions Ltd.
Financial Business Consultancy --------
Inani Marbles & Inds. Ltd.
Metals Minerals -1.50-1.36-1.78-13.75-44.91-29.09-11.892.38
Inani Securities Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services --------
Incap Ltd.
FMCG Dry Cells -3.80-11.49-6.14-40.46-27.3816.6529.0913.04
Incon Engineers Ltd.
Engineering Other Machinery -----2.95--4.69
Ind Bank Housing Ltd.
Financial Housing Finance 2.123.864.6719.7578.9978.9857.178.78
IND Renewable Energy Ltd
Engineering Electronic Components --------
Ind Tra Deco Ltd.
Services Trading --------
Indag Rubber Ltd.
Automobile Tyres & Tubes -2.07-1.63-5.49-9.09-29.27-10.5025.9528.60
Ind-Agiv Commerce Ltd.
Services Trading --0.1139.0269.52----
Indbank Merchant Banking Services Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase 1.30-3.04-11.00-11.63-45.7120.8828.17-1.77
Indergiri Finance Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase 0.00------9.44-
India Cements Capital Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase -3.105.17-11.71-26.13-1.9321.24--6.76
India Cements Ltd.
Construction Cement -4.75-0.57-2.770.22-39.7915.4318.29-0.91
India Finsec Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services -1.1813.5846.0353.33110.53-24.29-
India Gelatine & Chemicals Ltd.
FMCG Other 2.147.516.034.920.009.1110.7317.08
India Glycols Ltd.
Chemicals Organic Chemicals -5.000.2010.6210.31129.2181.3640.8010.78
India Green Reality Ltd.
Construction Real Estate --------
India Grid Trust
Engineering Power Projects -0.220.12-0.86-5.08-3.97---
India Home Loans Ltd.
Financial Housing Finance 0.551.044.87-0.30-39.4126.098.9524.18
India Infraspace Ltd.
Financial Misc. ----29.63--65.43--
India Lease Devp. Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing --------
India Motor Parts & Accessories Ltd.
Automobile Auto Ancillaries 0.08-0.35-2.34-5.0213.6811.1219.3226.01
India Nippon Electricals Ltd.
Automobile Auto Ancillaries -0.85-0.62-1.21-0.15-5.2938.3146.3527.17
India Steel Works Ltd.
Metals Finished Steel 1.25-3.57-5.81-30.17-43.36-20.45-16.53-12.60
India Tourism Devp. Corpn. Ltd.
Services Tourism -0.80-3.26-2.97-12.11-22.7828.43-1.40-
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd.
Financial Housing Finance -3.552.48-8.58-3.48-10.9817.1641.56-
Indiabulls Integrated Services Ltd.
Services Misc.Other Services -0.94-4.4224.6138.551,159.12302.58116.45-
Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd.
Construction Real Estate -3.962.38-1.43-15.21-40.2830.9719.66-2.78
Indiabulls Ventures Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase 0.140.53-5.3852.20163.92189.44132.0732.39
Indiaco Ventures Ltd.
Financial Misc. --------
Indian Acrylics Ltd.
Textiles Synthetic Yarn -0.22-3.86-10.39-19.46-9.7336.3634.7114.70
Indian Bank
Financial Banking -8.68-8.62-14.58-18.102.2430.5331.848.31
Indian Bright Steel Co. Ltd.
Metals Finished Steel --------
Indian Card Clothing Co. Ltd.
Textiles Misc.Textiles -0.633.25-0.67-9.73-22.92-2.6011.672.27
Indian Energy Exchange Ltd.
Financial Misc. -0.11-1.142.496.32----
Indian Extractions Ltd.
FMCG Oil cakes & Animal Feed -4.91-0.22--20.45--2.25-0.24
Indian Hotels Co. Ltd.
Services Hotels & Restaurants -0.650.311.18-4.3419.4015.9524.306.75
Indian Hume Pipe Co. Ltd.
Construction Cement & Asbestos prod. 2.47-1.751.350.52-49.6017.2144.9419.79
Indian Infotech & Software Ltd.
Technology Computer Software
Indian Link Chain Manufacturers Ltd.
Metals Other Metal prod. 0.00-----2.57--
Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Ltd.
Metals Metal Tanks & Fabrications -2.350.25-0.58-2.31-55.8335.447.26-
Indian Oil Corpn. Ltd.
Energy Crude Oil & Natural Gas -2.521.26-4.36-12.25-26.5716.0821.5211.68
Indian Overseas Bank
Financial Banking 5.485.840.331.99-33.48-24.32-19.51-17.86
Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd.
Financial Misc. --------
Indian Sucrose Ltd.
FMCG Sugar 4.9821.377.2620.71-44.62--7.56
Indian Terrain Fashions Ltd.
Textiles Readymade Garments 2.036.598.14-18.26-31.074.8859.03-
Indian Toners & Developers Ltd.
Chemicals Dyes & Pigments 0.13-2.04-0.13-3.67-30.7029.1174.1731.02
Indianivesh Ltd.
Financial Misc. 0.860.091.6413.208.885.424.44-2.28
IndInfravit Trust
Financial Invest.Services --------
Inditrade Capital Ltd.
Financial Misc. -0.422.57-9.85-16.62-36.7621.0349.395.26
Indo Amines Ltd.
Chemicals Organic Chemicals -5.4712.718.2862.2971.7857.1455.1033.89
Indo Asian Finance Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase 0.00-5.00----26.58-2.13-7.77
Indo Bonito Multinational Ltd
Financial Misc. --------
Indo Borax & Chemicals Ltd.
Chemicals Inorganic Chem. -1.040.5614.2148.09149.1236.5746.5228.56
Indo Cotspin Ltd.
Engineering Textile Machinery --------
Indo Count Inds. Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn -4.230.73-4.41-1.37-36.54-26.8169.7544.55
Indo Credit Capital Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase --------
Indo National Ltd.
FMCG Dry Cells 0.51-
Indo Rama Synthetics (India) Ltd.
Textiles Synthetic Yarn -2.10-1.538.902.19-8.87-
Indo Tech Transformers Ltd.
Engineering Transformers -2.690.12-5.54-17.44-37.16-3.0119.49-8.97
Indo Thai Securities Ltd.
Financial Misc. -8.431.420.50-13.13-9.4335.8634.71-
Indo US Bio-Tech Ltd.
FMCG Food Processing 0.00-5.079.0610.28----
Indo-American Advanced Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma --------
Indo-Asian Projects Ltd.
Construction Infrastructure --------
Indo-City Infotech Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 0.000.00---15.15-18.85--9.98
Indoco Remedies Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma -0.83-6.405.485.695.37-14.3726.3519.93
Indo-Global Enterprises Ltd.
Healthcare Health Services --------
Indokem Ltd.
Chemicals Dyes & Pigments -2.7016.2738.2947.42-42.4873.9186.6912.47
Indo-Pacific Software & Entertainment Ltd.
Financial Misc. 0.00-6.06-23.46-22.50-29.57-8.18-14.77
Indosolar Ltd
Engineering Electronic Equipts. -1.06-4.12-8.82-11.43-32.61-17.8820.89-
Indostar Capital Finance Pvt Ltd.
Financial Misc. -2.04-2.74-11.11-24.60----
Indowind Energy Ltd.
Engineering Power Projects -1.02-3.00-4.90-17.09-19.838.4615.10-20.15
Indra Industries Ltd.
Chemicals Nitrogenous Fertilizer. --------
Indraprastha Gas Ltd.
Energy Crude Oil & Natural Gas -3.62-1.43-5.420.67-9.5639.9436.9927.36
Indraprastha Medical Corpn. Ltd.
Healthcare Health Services -1.21-6.28-5.080.79-15.47-9.145.735.61
Indrayani Biotech Ltd.
FMCG Floriculture --------
Indsil Hydro Power and Manganese Ltd.
Metals Ferro Alloys 1.49-0.81-12.43-43.54-16.4634.5130.519.34
Ind-Swift Laboratories Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma -7.70-13.04-16.06-24.93105.9237.1217.876.22
Ind-Swift Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma -4.88-13.6110.38-10.492.3719.895.42-8.81
Inducto Steel Ltd.
Metals Finished Steel
Indus Fila Ltd.
Textiles Textile Processing --------
Indus Finance Corporation Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing --------
Indus Networks Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
Indusind Bank Ltd.
Financial Banking -0.791.95-6.44-5.386.6826.5335.1742.63
Industrial & Prudential Investment Co. Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase 1.190.680.70-3.83-9.0614.3022.3621.68
Industrial Investment Trust Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase --------
INEOS Styrolution India Ltd
Chemicals Thermoplastics -1.212.493.810.92-15.361.5516.2418.89
Infibeam Avenues Ltd.
Services E-Commerce -0.595.6018.1255.1449.58---
Infinite Computer Solutions (India) Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 0.01-0.080.411.37118.9839.4233.99-
Inflame Appliances Ltd.
FMCG Personal Care -2.01-0.2091.18143.75----
Info Edge (India) Ltd.
Services E-Commerce -2.40-5.533.1327.7133.7924.5437.4724.36
InfoBeans Technologies Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 0.000.733.82-2.34-3.77---
Info-Drive Software Ltd.
Technology Computer Software
Infomedia Press Ltd.
FMCG Books & Newspapers --------
Informed Technologies India Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
Infosys Ltd.
Technology Computer Software -0.94-2.070.5513.4858.209.1913.7714.19
Infra Industries Ltd.
Chemicals Other Plastic Prod. --------
Infronics Systems Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
ING Vysya Bank Ltd.
Financial Banking --------
Ingersoll Rand India Ltd.
Engineering Pumps & Compressors -3.03-
Inland Printers Ltd.
FMCG Books & Newspapers 0.00-----9.16--
Innocorp Ltd.
Chemicals Other Plastic Prod. --------
Innovana Thinklabs Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 0.000.00-5.00-----
Innovassynth Investments Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services 1.01-4.5821.9541.247.07-36.35-
Innovation Software Exports Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
Innovative Tech Pack Ltd.
Chemicals Plastic Packaging goods 3.264.54-0.91-29.56-58.269.6712.59-
Innovative Tyres & Tubes Ltd.
Automobile Tyres & Tubes -1.130.43-1.82-8.97----
Innovators Facade Systems Ltd.
Construction Construction -0.660.584.48-3.96----
Innoventive Industries Ltd.
Automobile Auto Ancillaries --------
Innoventive Venture Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services --------
INOX Leisure Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment -0.151.96-0.19-8.40-0.661.8525.9312.88
Inox Wind Ltd.
Engineering Power Projects -2.287.881.1321.98-13.56-34.87--
Insecticides (India) Ltd.
Chemicals Pesticides -1.370.68-14.13-19.71-37.9713.2724.9333.75
Insilco Ltd.
Metals Minerals 0.97-0.952.21-14.58-12.790.4912.194.38
Insta Finance Ltd.
Services Misc.Other Services --------
Intec Capital Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing 0.000.00--27.23-28.91-23.34-21.9910.43
Integra Capital Management Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing ------25.4326.75
Integra Engineering India Ltd.
Engineering Industrial Machinery -1.87-1.870.3616.3328.9735.6440.1822.08
Integra Garments And Textiles Ltd.
Textiles Readymade Garments 0.00----3.19-4.95-
Integra India Group Company Ltd
Engineering Switching Equipment --------
Integra Telecommunication & Software Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 0.000.850.47-0.09-9.29--
Integrated Amusement Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment --------
Integrated Capital Services Ltd.
Financial Business Consultancy -2.821.4723.6613.4943.15-7.62--
Integrated Financial Services Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase 4.527.3536.1710.05-2.6912.77-5.65
Integrated Hitech Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
Integrated Proteins Ltd.
FMCG Vegetable oils 0.00-------
Integrated Technologies Ltd.
Engineering Electronic Components --------
Integrated Thermoplastics Ltd.
Chemicals Plastic tubes & pipes --------
Intellect Design Arena Ltd.
Technology Computer Software -4.593.382.1627.29113.4819.99--
Intellivate Capital Advisors Ltd.
Financial Other Fin. Instns. --------
Intellivate Capital Ventures Ltd.
Metals Steel Tubes & Pipes --------
Intellvisions Software Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
Intense Technologies Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 0.10-3.45-15.07-25.66-35.113.3236.3613.63
Inter Globe Finance Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing 0.00-4.93-26.40-40.59-66.15-0.4512.56-
Inter State Finance Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing --------
Inter State Oil Carrier Ltd.
Services Road Transport 4.300.00-9.18-29.74-16.04--5.44
Interactive Financial Services Ltd.
Financial Misc. 0.002.96-15.11-33.57-26.91---
Intercontinental Leasing And Finance Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services --------
Interface Financial Services Ltd.
Financial Hire Purchase --------
Interglobe Aviation Ltd.
Services Air Transport -3.05-3.42-17.92-30.58-26.08---
Intergrated Digital Info Services Ltd.
Communication Telecom.Services --------
Interlink Petroleum Ltd.
Financial Business Consultancy --------
International Combustion (India) Ltd.
Engineering Other Machinery -2.296.04-6.72-18.88-52.9010.9621.910.69
International Constructions Ltd.
Financial Misc. --------
International Conveyors Ltd.
Chemicals Other Plastic Prod. -3.54-9.32-5.384.8110.10-2.16-10.21
International Data Management Ltd.
Technology Computer Hardware 0.00-4.7315.426.94----
International Housing Finance Corpn. Ltd.
Financial Housing Finance --------
International Paper APPM Ltd.
FMCG Paper -2.37-4.717.0762.0674.5824.7611.5823.74
International Pumps & Projects Ltd.
Engineering Pumps & Compressors -1.19-2.35-14.87-11.70-41.75---
International Travel House Ltd.
Services Tourism -1.650.69-4.84-6.46-24.34-8.984.667.48
Interworld Digital Ltd
Technology Computer Software
Intrasoft Technologies Ltd.
Services E-Commerce 4.99-5.72-23.78-49.26-63.83-24.4733.19-
Inventure Growth & Securities Ltd.
Financial Misc. 0.00-8.22-2.45-15.458.988.0713.67-
Investment & Precision Castings Ltd.
Metals Castings & Forgings -1.20-3.380.71-8.6529.6863.5460.8216.10
Invicta Meditek Ltd.
Engineering Electronic Equipts. 0.00-------
IO System Ltd.
Engineering Industrial Machinery --------
IOL Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma -4.989.4326.6560.66137.4325.4151.830.32
IOL Netcom Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
Ion Exchange (India) Ltd.
Engineering Industrial Machinery -1.65-2.93-0.52-7.16-23.0219.7236.0312.24
IP Rings Ltd.
Automobile Auto Ancillaries -1.21-1.561.344.9117.5238.4445.7817.22
Ipca Laboratories Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma 0.750.224.6414.0551.741.351.7820.88
IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd.
Construction Construction -1.750.65-9.01-24.09-21.57-8.8617.482.99
IRB InvIT Fund
Construction Infrastructure 0.472.130.21-2.68-19.29---
Iris Business Services Ltd.
Services BPO Services 4.23-15.35-8.01-16.20----
Iris Mediaworks Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing 1.871.630.69-10.6616.6937.2675.975.06
ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd.
Engineering Machine Tools -1.49-0.14-6.455.07-6.466.0347.39-
Ishaan Infrastructures & Shelters Ltd.
Construction Real Estate 0.53-0.1811.59-9.84----
Ishan Dyes & Chemicals Ltd.
Metals Other Non-Ferrous Metal -2.835.2314.4136.8118.9658.63--
Ishita Drugs & Inds. Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma 0.003.90-10.717.26-14.255.73-9.17-
ISL Consulting Ltd.
Financial Misc. 0.000.00-9.09-4.9411.86-27.57-
Metals Finished Steel -1.440.15-2.84-0.87-39.07-2.24-9.23-15.20
IST Ltd.
Cons Durable Clocks & Watches 0.320.52-0.26-10.55-16.4010.3226.9215.77
iStreet Network Ltd.
Services E-Commerce -4.87--16.45---51.312.45-
ITC Ltd.
FMCG Tobacco Prod. 0.412.04-3.3514.6313.5812.665.7717.22
ITD Cementation India Ltd.
Construction Construction -0.881.781.82-2.18-19.2119.0056.4421.11
ITI Ltd.
Communication Communication Equipt. -1.01-6.6512.5111.04-2.8459.9947.5312.93
ITL Industries Ltd.
Engineering Machine Tools -1.992.27-4.18-19.4516.1364.8858.4519.07
IVP Ltd.
Diversified Diversified 1.12-1.39-9.82-18.96-7.7824.5035.7719.01
IVRCL Assets & Holdings Ltd.
Construction Real Estate --------
Construction Construction -4.55-12.50-25.00-22.22-76.14-45.51-39.00-37.59
Iykot Hitech Toolroom Ltd.
Engineering Machine Tools 0.00-------
Technology Computer Software -2.580.27-3.51-14.8715.8719.1455.84-3.69