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Sector Industry 1-Day Return 1-Week Return 1-Month Return 3-Month Return 1-Year Return 3-Year Return 5-Year Return 10-Year Return
Halder Venture Ltd.
Services Trading 0.004.90--25.53----
Haldyn Glass Gujarat Ltd.
Construction Glass & Glassware -1.8721.1122.29-2.92-
Hanjer Fibres Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn --------
Hanung Toys & Textiles Ltd.
Textiles Misc.Textiles --------
Hardcastle & Waud Mfg. Co. Ltd.
Diversified Diversified 0.004.71--20.72-33.33-10.98-13.20-4.03
Haria Apparels Ltd.
Textiles Textile Processing -1.96-3.85-13.79-58.33--34.97-38.61-
Haria Exports Ltd.
Textiles Readymade Garments -3.03-11.93--44.19--43.60-8.28-18.29
Harish Textile Engineers Ltd.
Engineering Textile Machinery -3.28-1.533.36-18.08----
Harita Seating Systems Ltd
Automobile Auto Ancillaries 0.00-3.271.87-4.42-35.97-8.7726.3424.19
Hariyana Ship Breakers Ltd.
Metals Other Metal prod. 0.468.36-5.24-28.74-38.58-13.01-9.78-0.14
Harmony Capital Services Ltd.
Services Misc.Other Services --------
Harrisons Malayalam Ltd.
FMCG Tea & Coffee 3.3012.9811.26-20.74-42.12-9.59-3.89-6.95
Haryana Capfin Ltd
Financial Misc. 4.848.7940.04-17.02-9.6734.025.81-1.14
Haryana Financial Corpn.
Financial SIDCs/SFCs --------
Haryana Leather Chemicals Ltd.
Chemicals Misc.Chem. 4.9811.5416.001.53-37.89-10.98-0.097.45
Haryana Texprints (Overseas) Ltd.
Textiles Textile Processing --------
Hasti Finance Ltd.
Financial Misc. --------
Hathway Bhawani Cabletel & Datacom Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment 0.000.0010.126.8588.813.74-15.12-5.97
Hathway Cable & Datacom Ltd.
Communication Telecom.Services -3.47-12.285.712.46-3.09-1.30-15.92-
Hatsun Agro Products Ltd.
FMCG Dairy products -1.36-2.64-2.05-14.92-17.7722.3723.9840.47
Havells India Ltd.
Engineering Switching Equipment 0.581.983.90-14.084.0218.1418.2735.91
Hawa Engineers Ltd.
FMCG Misc. Manuf.Articles 0.00-------
Hawkins Cookers Ltd.
Cons Durable Domestic Electrical Applns. -1.440.295.60-1.36-13.09-0.41-3.3220.88
Hazoor Multi Projects Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment
HB Estate Developers Ltd.
Construction Real Estate 0.0010.38-1.96-23.14-47.554.63-6.53-12.93
Hb Leasing & Finance Co. Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing 0.00-4.30-27.64-54.12-6.32-22.22-18.66-19.46
HB Portfolio Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services -3.6919.46-8.00-25.73-43.671.29-9.29-10.75
HB Stockholdings Ltd.
Financial Misc. -4.98-0.38-10.73-9.49-40.54-12.31-18.39-11.79
HBL Power Systems Ltd.
Engineering Electronic Components -0.871.79-6.56-29.05-49.98-19.82-3.18-5.95
HCL Infosystems Ltd.
Technology Computer Hardware 5.2313.13-3.72-36.71-71.84-39.49-34.87-25.16
HCL Technologies Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 1.29-2.90-0.37-2.94-1.6810.925.6821.16
HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd.
Financial Misc. 0.032.0720.1540.6063.22---
HDFC Bank Ltd.
Financial Banking -0.590.511.67-7.6612.1720.8021.3922.41
HDFC Life Insurance Co Ltd.
Financial Life Insurance 0.471.984.0519.5623.70---
Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd.
Healthcare Health Services 0.9214.80-7.01-32.47-52.25-18.89--
Healthy Investments Ltd.
Financial Misc. --------
HEC Infra Projects Ltd.
Construction Infrastructure --------
Heera Ispat Ltd.
Chemicals Carbon Black --------
HEG Ltd.
Engineering Welding machinery 5.6515.2424.53-24.16-70.8790.1428.8216.16
Heidelberg Cement India Ltd.
Construction Cement
Helios & Matheson Information Technology Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
Hella India Lighting Ltd.
Automobile Auto Ancillaries --------
Helpage Finlease Ltd.
Financial Misc. --------
Hemakuta Industrial Investment Co. Ltd.
Financial Misc. --------
Hemo Organic Ltd.
Services Trading --------
Hercules Hoists Ltd.
Engineering Other Machinery -0.065.403.95-16.12-23.01-17.72-15.81-1.08
Heritage Foods Ltd.
FMCG Dairy products 2.070.4610.48-7.66-33.330.3015.9126.73
Hero Motocorp Ltd.
Automobile Two & Three Wheelers 1.314.398.172.64-12.21-7.710.135.88
Hester Biosciences Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma 1.001.741.94-11.0338.4831.2429.9640.22
Hexa Tradex Ltd
Metals Steel Tubes & Pipes -4.52-17.78-32.42-47.14-79.36-25.21-26.52-
Hexaware Technologies Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 0.25-2.830.298.47-18.4123.5216.0025.16
HG Infra Engineering Ltd.
Construction Construction 0.740.16-16.78-31.19-21.23---
High Energy Batteries (India) Ltd.
Engineering Storage Batteries -3.300.9621.6318.74-45.291.309.376.84
High Ground Enterprise Ltd.
Engineering Electronic Components -4.35-9.09-37.50-67.55-91.13-67.74-46.33-
Hikal Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma -0.396.483.21-5.91-19.429.659.9112.88
Hi-Klass Trading And Investment Ltd.
Financial Invest.Services --------
HIL Ltd.
Construction Cement & Asbestos prod. 0.078.313.11-24.93-50.7824.3312.0911.84
Hiliks Technologies Ltd.
Financial Misc. --------
Hilton Metal Forging Ltd.
Metals Other Metal prod. -0.201.84-3.95-33.47-61.14-13.36-17.69-7.18
Him Teknoforge Ltd.
Automobile Auto Ancillaries 3.1310.5920.57-24.70-70.65-39.96-30.973.10
Himachal Fibres Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn 0.00-0.76--34.01-70.79-59.93--
Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd.
Communication Communication Equipt. -1.263.434.53-6.89-16.205.90-2.244.27
Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd.
Energy Coal & Lignite 2.236.64-6.09-29.90-35.8231.3216.827.86
Himalaya Food lnternational Ltd.
FMCG Other 3.4226.5511.54-11.79-67.45-17.50-14.56-13.12
Himalaya Granites Ltd.
Construction Granite --------
Himalchuli Food Products Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing --------
Himatsingka Seide Ltd.
Textiles Silk Textiles -3.211.743.74-14.95-46.83-18.506.0913.56
Hind Aluminium Industries Ltd.
Metals Aluminium Prod. 2.9610.690.00-18.24-49.62-17.61-2.861.56
Hind Commerce Ltd.
Services Trading --------
Hind Industries Ltd.
FMCG Poultry & meat prod. --------
Hind Rectifiers Ltd.
Engineering Electronic Components 0.426.481.470.923.3715.8321.088.50
Hind Securities & Credits Ltd.
Services Trading --------
Hind Syntex Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn ---10.30--33.31-18.233.19
Hindalco Industries Ltd.
Metals Aluminium 1.656.3413.670.35-15.7412.453.514.88
Hindcon Chemicals Ltd.
Chemicals Misc.Chem. --------
Hindoostan Mills Ltd.
Financial Equipt.Leasing 4.995.823.10-29.31-11.42-18.09-16.66-
Hinduja Foundries Ltd.
Automobile Auto Ancillaries --------
Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd.
Services Misc.Other Services 1.631.387.50-3.31-27.783.39-0.743.90
Hinduja Ventures Ltd.
Services Media & Entertainment 3.68-3.2714.68-7.74-47.11-6.861.722.47
Hindustan Adhesives Ltd.
Chemicals Other Plastic Prod. 0.001.2020.261.20-16.7924.6937.3421.76
Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.
Services Air Transport 2.864.7910.791.83-21.94---
Hindustan Bio Sciences Ltd.
Technology Computer Software 4.2015.8947.62---4.41-9.64-10.02
Hindustan Composites Ltd.
Automobile Auto Ancillaries 3.876.20-3.22-7.50-51.35-28.94-3.738.86
Hindustan Construction Co. Ltd.
Construction Construction -0.5710.0610.76-31.64-32.20-36.48-23.67-15.83
Hindustan Continental Ltd.
FMCG Soyabean Prod. --------
Hindustan Copper Ltd.
Metals Other Non-Ferrous Metal 14.4519.0027.44-1.46-30.22-14.52-15.04-16.14
Hindustan Dorr Oliver Ltd.
Engineering Industrial Machinery --------
Hindustan Everest Tools Ltd.
Metals Other Metal prod. 4.944.861.6716.92-4.588.3513.24
Hindustan Fluorocarbons Ltd.
Chemicals Thermoplastics 3.405.283.31-9.93-47.618.389.93-11.42
Hindustan Foods Ltd.
FMCG Food Processing -1.96-2.1930.1616.4623.96---
Hindustan Hardy Spicer Ltd.
Automobile Auto Ancillaries 0.005.00-13.25-32.56-44.64-13.32-11.970.24
Hindustan Housing Co. Ltd.
Cons Durable ACs & Refrigerators --------
Hindustan Media Ventures Ltd.
FMCG Books & Newspapers 0.321.412.46-20.11-50.08-34.48-13.43-
Hindustan Motors Ltd.
Automobile Cars & Multi Utility Vehicles 12.9026.1327.273.70-19.493.30-5.62-11.11
Hindustan Oil Exploration Co. Ltd.
Energy Crude Oil & Natural Gas -2.4513.153.26-11.08-24.2827.389.37-11.39
Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd.
Chemicals Organic Chemicals 2.9420.0123.46-27.00-49.411.09-6.54-8.13
Hindustan Petroleum Corpn. Ltd.
Energy Crude Oil & Natural Gas 3.243.5312.65-12.4312.750.5619.8212.07
Hindustan Tin Works Ltd.
Metals Other Non-Ferrous Metal -0.982.2911.487.30-32.48-4.93-3.38-4.96
Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
FMCG Cosmetics & Toiletries 0.01-0.75-1.05-2.1610.9525.2518.9521.54
Hindustan Wires Ltd.
Metals Steel Wires --------
Hindustan Zinc Ltd.
Metals Other Non-Ferrous Metal 1.750.556.24-9.28-23.780.935.1510.09
Hindusthan National Glass & Inds. Ltd.
Construction Glass & Glassware 2.1810.977.72-45.91-77.39-40.17-28.62-14.21
Hindusthan Udyog Ltd.
Metals Structurals --------
Hindusthan Urban Infrastructure Ltd.
Engineering Electronic Components -1.399.2333.329.74-16.42-2.57--
Hipolin Ltd.
FMCG Soaps & Detergents 0.00-------
Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd.
Metals Steel Tubes & Pipes --------
Hiran Orgochem Ltd.
Healthcare Drugs & Pharma --------
Hisar Metal Inds. Ltd.
Metals Other Metal prod. 7.3312.1112.11-17.56-18.8135.8421.648.83
Hisar Spinning Mills Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn --------
Hit Kit Global Solutions Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------
Hitech Corporation Ltd.
Chemicals Other Plastic Prod. -2.505.875.13-10.87-32.55-21.02-2.402.30
Hi-Tech Pipes Ltd.
Metals Castings & Forgings -0.51-1.74-8.70-45.49-50.5111.16--
Hi-Tech Winding Systems Ltd.
FMCG Paper prod. 0.907.6431.18-25.99----
Hittco Tools Ltd.
Engineering Machine Tools 0.0010.11--26.54-7.771.86-4.65
HMT Ltd.
Engineering Industrial Machinery 3.4616.6012.04-17.11-35.33-29.18-18.43-13.82
Honda Siel Power Products Ltd.
Engineering Motors & generators 2.627.5110.012.66-25.23-9.94-0.7117.52
Honeywell Automation India Ltd.
Engineering Electronic Equipts. 0.426.2916.345.6620.6641.4438.5032.39
Hotel Leelaventure Ltd.
Services Hotels & Restaurants 1.398.15-1.35-9.32-56.32-25.61-21.74-14.08
Hotel Rugby Ltd.
Services Hotels & Restaurants 0.00---16.90-40.91-45.20--
Housing & Urban Development Corpn. Ltd.
Financial Housing Finance 0.536.0314.03-5.14-32.31---
Housing Development & Infrastructure Ltd.
Construction Real Estate -1.544.07-44.83-67.01-78.18-58.54-41.74-32.22
Housing Development Finance Corpn. Ltd.
Financial Housing Finance 0.052.08-0.77-5.1710.9414.1914.6715.22
HOV Services Ltd.
Services Misc.Other Services 0.067.04-7.81-34.47-65.50-10.96-6.001.97
Howard Hotels Ltd.
Services Hotels & Restaurants 4.979.9957.7692.1829.1912.564.45-2.36
HP Cotton Textile Mills Ltd.
Textiles Cotton & Blended Yarn 4.90-3.02-16.85-37.90-61.78-24.01-8.633.94
HPC Biosciences Ltd.
FMCG Food Processing --------
HPL Electric & Power Ltd.
Engineering Electronic Equipts. 2.7510.183.94-27.05-38.07---
HRB Floriculture Ltd.
FMCG Floriculture --------
HS India Ltd.
Services Hotels & Restaurants 0.00-0.2524.962.81-17.9218.8610.06-0.52
Construction Ceramic tiles 1.482.02-78.03-81.09-84.02-47.90-32.88-1.71
HT Media Ltd.
FMCG Books & Newspapers -1.453.49-4.81-13.00-54.58-33.88-26.89-15.45
Hubtown Ltd.
Construction Real Estate -0.930.310.00-34.43-72.97-44.10-30.62-29.85
Huhtamaki PPL Ltd.
FMCG Paper prod. -0.804.43-2.59-21.09-17.34-6.713.5014.27
Humming Bird Education Ltd.
Services Education --------
Husys Consulting Ltd.
Services Misc.Other Services 0.00-------
Hypersoft Technologies Ltd.
Technology Computer Software --------