Prudential Financial Inc (PRS)

factsheet Factsheet
  • Market Capitalisation market-capitalisation-info $44,132 Mln
  • Price to Earnings Ratio price-to-earning --
  • 12 Month Earnings monthly-earning $55 Mln

Prudential Financial Inc (PRS) Share Price


As on 27-Nov-2023 16:10 EST

up-down-arrow $0.241.01%

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  • 52 Week rangeinfo

    $22.31 - 25.44

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Prudential Financial Inc (PRS) Stock Performance

1 Month
3 Months
1 Year
3 Years
5 Years
10 Years
Prudential Financial Inc (PRS)
-2.21 3.55 -0.21 0.67 -4.93 -0.13 --
S&P 100
25.82 10.64 3.51 19.45 8.96 12.74 10.34
S&P BSE Finance#
7.83 3.64 1.96 7.31 13.26 11.03 --
As on 27-Nov-2023  |  #As on 28-Nov-2023
Prudential Financial Inc (PRS)
-9.87 1.57 10.12 21.71
S&P 100
-22.12 27.55 19.30 29.47
S&P BSE Finance
11.05 14.10 0.83 18.00


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Financial Manipulation

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        FAQs for Prudential Financial Inc (PRS)

        The total asset value of Prudential Financial Inc (PRS) stood at $ 714,182 Mln as on 31-Mar-23

        The share price of Prudential Financial Inc (PRS) is $23.94 (NYSE) as of 27-Nov-2023 16:10 EST. Prudential Financial Inc (PRS) has given a return of -4.93% in the last 3 years.

        Prudential Financial Inc (PRS) has a market capitalisation of $ 44,132 Mln as on 19-May-2023. As per Value Research classification, it is a Large Cap company.

        Since, TTM earnings of Prudential Financial Inc (PRS) is negative, P/E ratio is not available.

        Step 1. Open a demat account through a broker. You would need to provide your email, PAN, bank account details, aadhar details, etc., for KYC
        Step 2. Sign in to the broker’s application through a mobile app or website. Use the Login ID and password provided by your broker.
        Step 3. Transfer funds from your bank account into the wallet present in your brokerage account.
        Step 4. Search for the Prudential Financial Inc (PRS) and enter the required number of quantities and click on buy to purchase the shares of Prudential Financial Inc (PRS).

        There is no promoter pledging in Prudential Financial Inc (PRS).

        Prudential Financial Inc (PRS) Ratios
        Return on equity(%)
        Return on capital employed(%)
        Debt-to-equity ratio
        Dividend yield(%)

        Yes, TTM profit after tax of Prudential Financial Inc (PRS) was $55 Mln.

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        Key Facts

        • Market cap market-cap-information $44,132.13 Mln
        • Revenue (TTM)revenue-information $60,050.00 Mln
        • Earnings (TTM) earning-information $55.00 Mln
        • Cash date-information $22,602.00 Mln
        • Total Debt info $21,156.00 Mln
        • Insider's Holding 0.00%
        • Liquidity liquidity High
        • 52 Week range week-range $22.31 - 25.44
        • Shares outstanding share-outstanding 0
        • 10 Years Aggregate:

          CFO: $117,850.00 Mln

          EBITDA: $-940.70 Mln

          Net Profit: $24,330.30 Mln

        About The Company

        • IPO Date 22-Aug-2018
        • Listing key-listing NYSE: PRS
        • Country United States
        • Headquarters headquarters --
        • Website website --
        • Business

          Other financial activities

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