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  Manager Profile tells you qualifications of the people youíre entrusting your money with.

  Quarterly Returns show you whether a fund has been consistent or erratic in its past.
  Risk Analysis helps you match funds to your risk tolerance and goals.   Analysis gives you unbiased insight into how and why funds succeed or fail.
  Risk-Adjusted Fund Rating quickly shows you how well a fund has balanced its risk and return.   Results since launch of every fund lets you easily evaluate a fundís performance.
  Quarterly Returns relative to Category give you insights into a fundís return pattern.   Sector Weightings help you avoid over concentration in certain areas of the economy.
  13 Investment Categories help you easily find funds satisfying your investment objectives, put together a diversified portfolio, assess potential risk, and spot top funds within peer groups.    Trailing Total Returns Over 7 Time Periods allow you to check performance against benchmarks to see if a fund ranks at the top or lags behind.
  Top 25 Holdings help you decide if a fund fits your diversification plans, is too concentrated in certain areas, or is in companies you dislike.   Fund Style enables you to quickly determine if a fundís true investment strategy matches your own.
  Market Capitalisation gives you another way to determine if your portfolio is diversified by breaking down a fundís holdings into these capitalisation categories: Mega, Large, Medium, Small and Mini.   Broad Coverage Ensures you are on top of nearly 600 open and closed-end funds from top fund families.

  Expenses,Fees, Addresses, Phone Numbers provide everything you need for obtaining more information on investing in a fund.

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