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  • Portfolio Analysis: Enter any set of investments and learn what is wrong and what is right with them, and how they could be changed to suit different life goals. Learn how different investments could be quit or increased to meet those goals
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Portfolio Planner

Fund recommendations powered by advanced algorithms perfected by the Value Research team over years, along with full guidance on the recommendations

VR Premium Portfolio Builders

Analyst’s Choice

Instantly cut through the clutter of hundreds of funds and zero in on a short hand-picked list of the exact type of funds you need.

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Portfolio Analysis

Detailed Portfolio Analysis

Never be caught by surprise again. Get continuous analysis of all your investments by suitability, returns, risk, exposure and a host of other parameters.

VR Premium Expert Analysis

And much more

Customisable Alerts

Alerts and warnings for mutual funds and stocks

Valuation history chart: PE and PB

Download Fund/Stock Cards

Downloadable and printable ‘Fund Card’ for each fund

Ten years of annual financial data, eight quarters of quarterly data on all companies

Export screeners to Excel

Export all data as spreadsheets and analyse it in Excel

Save unlimited stock screens

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In early 2006, I came across Dhirendra Kumar talking about mutual funds on a news channel and soon I started reading every page on the Value Research website. I use the Value Research database for trends, as well as individual fund ratings and portfolio changes from time to time.

Subbu Subramaniam Bengaluru

I just love the 'My Investment' section and keep a close eye on my funds' performance through the Value Research website.

Hardit Singh Thind Ludhiana

Value Research helps me stay updated on financial literature. Also, I find the editorials unbiased and informative.

Ravi Swaminathan

A Guided Journey to
Meeting Your Financial Goals

Value Research Premium provides a way for you to articulate your goals clearly and suggests a set of investments and a pattern of investments for those goals. It then helps you continuously monitor your investments to make sure they are heading for your goals.

Dhirendra Kumar
Founder & CEO, Value Research

Dhirendra Kumar

Dhirendra Kumar
Founder & CEO,
Value Research

Dhirendra Kumar

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Frequently Asked Questions

As of now, we do not provide the transaction platform for investing in the funds.

Our Portfolio Analysis (Fix Your Portfolio) feature is an algorithm-based system that has been evolved by our team with interaction and testing on thousands of real user portfolios. The system generates suggestions based on your portfolio. The algorithm also considers as inputs other information from you including your financial goals.
However, personal advice from our analysts is not part of this service.

There is no fixed periodicity. Our team continuously assesses each fund and acts if there is any reason to change recommendations. We expect these to be quite infrequent. When we do make a change, we explain the logic to our members in detail.

The Star Rating system is a purely arithmetic, data-driven exercise in which all funds are treated by the same algorithm. The algorithm is based on the past performance of funds.
However, in some cases, our research process indicates that the future prospects of a fund might be different from what the rating indicates. In such cases, our recommendations may deviate from our star ratings.
The research process considers not just past performance of funds, but also suitability, quality of portfolio, etc. before including funds in our list.

Value Research Premium is an enhanced version of the standard Value Research Online membership you have. It has everything that the standard membership has, along with an additional set of features and services.
If your premium membership lapses, the standard features will continue to work but the premium features will discontinue.

The standard (non-premium) Value Research Online service has always been free and will remain free.
Since you can use the standard service for free for as long as you like, there is no other trial or refund available.

There is no guarantee. You should evaluate your membership and investment decisions based on the information that we have published here, Value Research’s long-track record, and the Terms & Conditions of the service.

No, Value Research Premium service helps you in selecting mutual funds based on your needs. For stock recommendations you can subscribe to our Value Research Stock Advisor service.
However, there are plenty of other premium features to help with your stock investments. Tracking of your stock holdings in the ‘My Investments’ section, setting alerts on stocks, calculating capital tax on stock investments and many more stock-related features (as listed above) are integral parts of Value Research Premium.