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   Fund Card: It is a one-page report on each fund containing comprehensive
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   Fund Analysis: An in-depth review of each fund by our expert analysts.
   Performance: It details each fund's Returns and Risk aggregates, best and worst
    returns, trailing, annual and quarterly returns and the fund's relative performance
    vis-a-vis category average.
   Portfolio: It describes the fund's top holdings, sector weightage and asset allocation.
    It also provides a style box on each fund which denotes the investment style and
    capitalisation of an equity fund and credit quality and interest rate sensitivity of a
    debt fund.
   Fund Details: It provides finer details of each fund, including investment details,
    contact address of the AMC and the registrar, tax sections applicable and the
    eligibility criterion.

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  Category Watch: Expert analysis of a fund category and analystís favourite picks.
  New Fund: A must read before you invest in any new fund.
  Fundwire: Our restless analystís incisive reportage of emerging trends in funds.
  Stock Action: Takes you beyond hot tips. Guides you to sound stock decisions.
  Manager's Picks:Proís personal favourite.
  Tax Q&A: Leading tax-consultant helps you with your tax issues.
  Wealth Strategy: Beyond making money. Wealth Strategy will keep you on track to
   build wealth.

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