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Investing Basics
Low NAV doesn't mean Cheaper Fund
The net asset value of a fund makes no difference to its returns. Consider a fund for its performance, not its NAV
How Debt Funds Work
Debt funds invest in fixed-income instruments like bonds, but that doesn't mean they are immune to ups and downs
How Equity Funds Work
You give money to a fund, which invests it in stocks. The gains or losses, whatever they may be, accrue to you. Equity funds are that simple
Gauging Performance using Sharpe Ratio
The real picture of a portfolio's performance can be gauged when the returns it generates are assessed with respect to the risk it assumes
Hidden Expenses
The Expense Ratio is a basket of charges comprising fund management fees, agent commissions, registrar fees and selling & promotion expenses
Check The Expiry Date
Average Portfolio Maturity helps an investor know how sensitive a debt fund is to changes in interest rates
Making Your Money Work
Just saving money isn't enough; you need to invest it wisely to ensure that inflation doesn't eat it away
Using ValueResearchOnline
Use the Stock Selector to Compare Stocks Intelligently
The Value Research Stock Selector enables investors to objectively compare a selection of stocks in great detail
Easy Searching, Easy Investing
Use the Search bar on this website to directly go to a mutual fund or a stock that you're interesting in looking up
A Watchful Eye on your Investments
Use the My Watchlist tool on this website to keep a close eye on funds and stocks you're interested in
Use the Portfolio Manager to Analyse your Portfolio Succinctly
Use the Analysis tab of the Value Research Portfolio Manager for a quick analysis of your stocks/funds
Search Easily & Invest Accurately
The new Search tool will get you what you are looking for, helping you make the right investment decisions
Fund Returns between Two Dates
Use the Value Research Point-to-Point Returns tool to find how a fund has fared between any two dates of your choice
Use Fund Compare to Choose Funds Objectively
Use the Fund Compare tool on this website to decide which fund to exit from your similar set of funds