Learning Center | Basics of investing and personal finance
Investing Basics
Equity without fear
In the long run, equity investments do not turn out to be as risky and volatile as generally expected
Cracking the investment code
Investors should do a few essential checks before buying. Here's what they should be looking at
Savers sometimes think of ELSS funds and ULIPs as alternatives. This is a mistake
How to choose a mutual fund?
With so many funds across several categories, it is difficult for an investor to decide what fund to buy. A primer on what to look for while choosing a fund
What is one employee-one EPF account?
The scheme's aim is to help employees consolidate past PF accounts, with the help of EPF authorities
10 things a new stock investor needs to know
How a budding stock investor can avoid common mistakes and save himself a lot of time, effort and money
Low NAV doesn't mean cheaper fund
The net asset value of a fund makes no difference to its returns. Consider a fund for its performance, not its NAV
Using ValueResearchOnline
Valuation metrics on your fingertips!
A look at the most useful ratios to value stocks and how you can get them conveniently through our stock pages
Data entry - Rest in Peace
Import your fund and stock transactions from Excel or PDF into the Portfolio Manager on this website
How to get ownership data
Trends in institutional shareholding can reveal much about their level of conviction in a stock and therefore, aid your investing decisions. Here's how you can get this information on VRO
A great tool to analyse the stocks you own
Comparing and studying the stocks in your portfolio is now just a click away with this new feature in our Stock Selector tool
How to analyse competition
Use this website to study what competition the company you are interested in faces and whether it is better placed than the competitors
Learn what a fund is made of
Make informed investment decisions using the Value Research Fund Card by clicking on the 'Download Reports' link on every fund's snapshot page on our website
How to keep track of all your investments
Use our Portfolio Manager to keep track of all your investments. It evaluates the performance of your investments on the basis of Internal Rate of Return (IRR)