Learning Center | Basics of investing and personal finance
Investing Basics
There is no TDS for interest earned on saving bank accounts
Interest income from a savings bank account is considered under the head "income from other sources"
You don't need a demat account for your mutual funds
If you want to hold your MF units in demat, you can either opt for it through the application form or choose to buy directly in demat form through a broker on a stock exchange
How to build a Portfolio
Having a separate portfolio for each financial goal gives you the best chance of fulfilling them. Here's how you can build such portfolios
How debt funds work
Debt funds generate returns by investing in bonds or deposits of various kinds. Find out more about them
Get a consolidated MF statement online
With a consolidated statement, you can get details of all your investments across fund houses in one place, and then upload it to our free Portfolio Manager for detailed tracking and analysis
Why you need an investment objective
Specifying exact goals that your investments must achieve is a crucial step in eventually meeting those goals
You can submit form 60 or 61 in the absence of PAN for some transactions
Along with Form 60 or 61, you will also need to provide a valid residential address proof
Using ValueResearchOnline
How to analyse competition
Use this website to study what competition the company you are interested in faces and whether it is better placed than the competitors
Essential checks on any and every company
New additions to our Stock Snapshot give you a headstart in choosing the right stocks to invest in
How to get ownership data
Use this website to study the shareholding patterns of companies before you make investment decisions
How you can value stocks
Our new stock page offers not just basic ratios; investors can use the wealth of data on it to calculate advanced ratios themselves
8 Questions to Ask before You buy a Stock
The new Stock Snapshot page on this website allows you to do adequate research on a company before you invest in it
Investment tracking made easy
You can now import fund and stock transactions from Excel or PDF into your portfolio on this website
Choose among similar funds
Use our Fund Compare tool to narrow down fund choices and pick the one that's best suited for your needs