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Investing Basics
How to choose an equity fund
Six factors you must consider while choosing an equity fund
Debt fund vs fixed deposit
Debt Funds are a potent rival to the hallowed FD. Here are their pros and cons vis-a-vis bank deposits
What to look for in your fund statement
Here are six things that you should keep in mind while looking at your fund statement
Hope to retire some day, but no equity? Think again
The financial goal of retirement has a very long-term investment horizon and equity-based assets are an excellent choice
Check the expiry date of your debt fund
Average portfolio maturity helps an investor know how sensitive a debt fund is to changes in interest rates
Aggressive hybrid funds for your core portfolio
If you are looking for a low maintenance fund for your core portfolio, aggressive hybrid funds fit the bill to perfection
What the expense ratio of a fund tells you
To manage your money, a mutual fund charges you a fee. But how much can they charge you and how much is acceptable?
Using ValueResearchOnline
Become a savvy stock investor
Ten tools you will get here to invest wisely. Log in to your own Aladdin's cave!
How to determine the financial health of your stocks
Want to know the chances of your portfolio companies going bankrupt? Or if they are dressing up their books? Check out our Essential Checks
Stay updated
Know about the NPS performance, forthcoming fund dividends, merged funds and much more in our 'Latest Offers' section
Compare performance of stocks with suitable benchmarks
Use interactive price chart and performance table to find out the historical performance of your stocks
Easy way to track your transaction
Use the Transactions tab of our Portfolio Manager to keep track on your stock and fund transactions
Find out point-to-point returns with our tool
Use our Point-to-Point Returns tool and find out how your fund has performed in a particular period
How to analyse competition
Use these VRO tools to study what competition the company you are interested in faces and whether it is better placed than the competitors