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Investing Basics
Use Aadhaar-based e-signature to apply for PAN card online
While making PAN mandatory for many more transactions, the government has also made it easy to get it by enabling the online application process
A quick guide to interest rates on home loans
MCLR is the new benchmark lending rate for floating rate loans and is the minimum interest rate at which commercial banks can lend
Different taxes for different capital gains
Every capital transaction will have a tax implication, and it will differ according to the nature of the asset
Can double deduction be claimed on housing loan interest?
Have you taken a loan to buy a house? Here's an interesting conundrum regarding the tax policy when you sell it
Not all mutual fund plans are open to everyone
Unlike a traditional launch of a scheme or a plan whose units are offered for purchase, these plans are meant to invest your unclaimed dividend and redemption amounts
Annual Information Return
Under section 285BA of the Income-tax Act, 1961, "specified persons" are required to record and report high-value financial transactions of individuals
When saying no makes financial sense
Controlling your urges in these five situations will go a long way in serving your financial interests
Using ValueResearchOnline
Become a perfect stock investor
10 tools you'd get at Value Research and nowhere else. Explore our own Aladdin's cave!
Enhanced portfolio manager
The Value Research Portfolio Manager has three exciting features to help you better manage your stock investments
Valuation metrics at your fingertips!
A quick look at the most useful ratios to evaluate stocks and how conveniently you can get them on our stock pages
Investment tracking made easy
Now you can directly upload your fund, stock and NPS transactions to your Value Research portfolio, without having to enter the details manually
Data entry - Rest in Peace
Import your fund and stock transactions from Excel or PDF into the Portfolio Manager on this website
How to avoid excessive exposure to a stock
Use the Who Owns What tool to know if your fund already owns the stock you want to buy
A period of your choosing
The point to point returns tool allows you to find out your fund returns between any two dates letting you observe the impact of major events like elections