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Investing Basics
Deflation and disinflation
Unlike deflation, disinflation is considered a positive sign and capital markets, especially the bond markets, tend to react positively to it
What does financial freedom mean to you?
We have made this short video to commemorate Independence Day. It's meant for all of you, our readers. Do watch
Mutual funds' haircut
When a borrower or an underlying security of a debt mutual fund defaults, we hear that the fund took a haircut. Here is what it means
What to do now?
What are the different stages of a market cycle and where do we stand now? Here's a look
The 5 financial secrets you should never reveal
While sharing has its benefits, here are five things you should never share with anyone
Duration and accrual strategies
Duration debt funds take a call on the interest rate scenario and position their portfolios accordingly. If they forecast interest rates to fall, they buy longer-dated bonds. If their calls go right, they benefit hugely
You don't need a demat account for your mutual funds
If you want to hold your MF units in demat, you can either opt for it through the application form or choose to buy directly in demat form through a broker on a stock exchange
Using ValueResearchOnline
All you wanted to know about ELSS
Use the ELSS section on our website to learn how these funds work, how you can save taxes and create wealth by investing in them
How to get ownership data
Trends in institutional shareholding can reveal much about a stock. Here's how you can get this information on VRO
How to keep track of all your investments
Use our Portfolio Manager to keep track of all your investments. It evaluates the performance of your investments on the basis of Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
Investment tracking made easy
Directly upload your fund, stock and NPS transactions to your Value Research portfolio, without having to enter the details manually
Simplifying fund selection
The Fund Selector tool helps choose the right fund from the multitude of options available
How to analyse competition
Use these VRO tools to study what competition the company you are interested in faces and whether it is better placed than the competitors
How to keep a close watch on investments?
You can use our My Watchlist tool to keep a close watch on funds and stocks you are interested in