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Investing Basics
Minding valuations
These three valuation tools can give you a decent idea of how expensive a stock is
Why rent agreements are usually of 11 months only
Most rent agreements are signed for 11 months so that they can avoid stamp duty and other charges
Can autosweep accounts hurt your returns?
Autosweep savings accounts may be convenient but you may also lose interest. Read on
Hierarchy of investment needs
All investments are not equally important. You need to fulfil the basic investment needs first before moving on to the others
Do you know the Sharpe Ratio of your fund?
The Sharpe Ratio assesses the returns generated by a portfolio against per unit of risk undertaken
The alpha factor
Alpha tells you if a fund has produced returns justifying the risks it is taking
What are shell companies?
Shell companies include multiple layers of companies that have been created for the purpose of diverting money or for money laundering
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Investment tracking made easy
Directly upload your fund, stock and NPS transactions to your Value Research portfolio, without having to enter the details manually
Use the Search Bar to quickly access data
Use the Search bar on our website to go directly to a mutual fund or a stock that you're looking up
Become a perfect stock investor
10 tools you'd get at Value Research and nowhere else. Explore our own Aladdin's cave!
Choose funds using our Fund Compare tool
A proper fund comparison will give you a lot of insight on what is good and what isn't. And we have the perfect tool for you
Compare funds in your portfolio
With our new comparison tool, a comparative analysis of all your funds is just a click away
Learn what a fund is made of
Make informed investment decisions using the Value Research Fund Card by clicking on the 'Download Reports' link on every fund's snapshot page on our website
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