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Learning Center | Basics of investing and personal finance
Investing Basics
Fund size matters less than you would think
Should investors pay attention to the size or AUM of a mutual fund? Read on to find out
How to calculate your retirement corpus
Calculating your retirement corpus is the first step of retirement planning. It requires you to make some educated guesses, based on which your retirement corpus can vary
Realise the benefits of asset rebalancing
Maintain a fixed proportion of debt and equity investments in your portfolio to realise higher returns and greater stability
Your first mutual fund is very important
The first fund you buy plays a major role in making or breaking your belief in stock investing
The tax implications of owning multiple properties
Self-occupied properties receive a different income tax treatment than additional properties you may own
Winning with long-term visibility the Warren Buffett way
An effective way of finding good companies is to ask whether their product or service will undergo any change over the next 10 years
How ELSS scores over other tax-saving avenues
While there are a number of investment options that get you tax-saving benefits, ELSS has significant advantages over the others
Using ValueResearchOnline
Fine tune your choices with the Fund Compare tool
Use the Fund Compare tool to choose the best fund from a set of funds that meets your investment needs
Simplifying fund selection
The Fund Selector tool helps choose the right fund from the multitude of options available
Gauging the financial health of your stocks
What are the chances of your portfolio companies going bankrupt? And are they dressing up their books? Check out our Essential Checks
10 tools to make you a savvy stock investor
Here are ten tools you can use to access and analyse important data on stocks
Compare performance of stocks with suitable benchmarks
Use interactive price chart and performance table to find out the historical performance of your stocks
Easy way to track your transaction
Use the Transactions tab of our Portfolio Manager to keep track on your stock and fund transactions
Find out point-to-point returns with our tool
Use our Point-to-Point Returns tool and find out how your fund has performed in a particular period