Learning Center | Basics of investing and personal finance
Investing Basics
Five Commandments of Diversification
Diversification maybe a defensive strategy but don't ignore it. It is still better than being defenceless
Equity Funds for All Long-term Goals
In the long run, equity is the only asset class that manages to beat inflation and earn positive returns
Understanding Investment Choices
There are a variety of investment options available, but they can be understood clearly only by looking at few individual qualities
Investing for Growth
Investing for growth inevitably means investing in equity or equity-based investments
Making Your Money Work
Just saving money isn't enough; you need to invest it wisely to ensure that inflation doesn't eat it away
Low NAV doesn't mean Cheaper Fund
The net asset value of a fund makes no difference to its returns. Consider a fund for its performance, not its NAV
Gauging Performance using Sharpe Ratio
The real picture of a portfolio's performance can be gauged when the returns it generates are assessed with respect to the risk it assumes
Using ValueResearchOnline
How to get ownership data
Use this website to study the shareholding patterns of companies before you make investment decisions
How you can value stocks
Our new stock page offers not just basic ratios; investors can use the wealth of data on it to calculate advanced ratios themselves
Tables to aid swift decision making
Here are three ready-to-use tables that can help you get a quick overview of the funds that you should be investing in
8 Questions to ask before you buy a Stock
The new Stock Snapshot page on this website allows you to do adequate research on a company before you invest in it
Fund Returns between Specific Dates
Use the Point-to-Point Returns tool on this website to know key fund data over two specific dates
Find Your Fund's Exposure to a Stock
Use the Value Research Who Owns What tool to find out how much your fund has invested in a stock & avoid getting overexposed to it
Use the Stock Selector to Compare Stocks Intelligently
The Value Research Stock Selector enables investors to objectively compare a selection of stocks in great detail