Learning Center | Basics of investing and personal finance
Investing Basics
Time correction in physical and financial assets
Time correction can delay the gains that you may have been waiting for. Read on
How to use long-term bond funds
A long-term bond fund is meant for investors who wish to make money over the long term, typically 3-5 years
What is corporate bond fund?
Corporate bond funds invest significantly in debt paper of companies who need money
Understanding your fund statement
Here are 6 things that you should keep in mind while looking at your fund statement
Debt fund vs fixed deposit
Debt Funds are becoming an increasingly widespread rival to the hallowed FD. Here are their pros and cons vis-a-vis bank deposits
Should you invest abroad?
Dhirendra Kumar discusses the why and how of investing outside India. Watch the video or read on for some added information
Common account statement
It gives you a summary of your holdings, detailed holdings, previous month's transactions and details of accounts
Using ValueResearchOnline
Use the Portfolio Manager to analyse your portfolio succinctly
The Analysis tab in Portfolio Manager will tell you a lot about your stocks/funds
How to use Value Research Ratings
How many stars is right? Dhirendra Kumar gives you the answer
Tables to aid swift decision making
Here are 3 ready-to-use tables that can help you get a quick overview of the funds that you should be investing in
How to avoid excessive exposure to a stock
Use the Who Owns What tool to know if your fund already owns the stock you want to buy
8 questions to ask before you buy a stock
The Stock Snapshot page on this website allows you to do adequate research on a company before you invest in it
Compare performance of stocks with suitable benchmarks
Use interactive price chart and performance table to find out the historical performance of your stocks
How to determine the financial health of your stocks?
Want to know the chances of your portfolio companies going bankrupt? Or if they are dressing up their books? Check out our Essential Checks