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Investing Basics
How to evaluate your investment choices?
There are so many investment avenues available, but you should understand them clearly before investing
Compounding can make you very rich
Translated into a human lifetime, it means that starting to save at the age of 35 instead of 50 can mean retiring with four times the wealth
How do equity mutual funds work?
You give money to a fund, which it invests in stocks. The gains or losses, whatever they may be, accrue to you. Equity funds are that simple
Why you should never invest in an NFO
Instead of an NFO, choose to invest in equity funds that have a long history and proven track record
How debt mutual funds work
Debt mutual funds invest in bonds or deposits of various kinds to generate returns. Here is a primer on debt mutual funds
When saying no makes financial sense
The most important skill to develop is the one to say no to yourself when it comes to spending on wants
Why should you have an investment objective?
If you want to achieve every financial goal in your life, you must identify each goal clearly and earmark a specific investment to each of them
Using ValueResearchOnline
Calculate monthly SIP returns of your fund
Use our SIP Return Calculator on our home page to calculate the monthly SIP returns of any fund for any period
Compare funds in your portfolio
With our new comparison tool, a comparative analysis of all your funds is just a click away
Use the Search bar to quickly access data
Use the Search bar on our website to go directly to a mutual fund or a stock that you're looking up
Use Stock Selector to compare stocks
Our Stock Selector tool helps you to select a list of stocks based on index, capitalisation, sector or an industry
Five useful ratios to value stocks
Our stock page offers not just basic ratios; investors can use the wealth of data on it to calculate advanced ratios themselves
What is your fund's exposure to a stock?
Use our Who Owns What tool to find out how much your fund has invested in a stock and avoid getting overexposed to it
Choose funds using our Fund Compare tool
Just select the funds you need to compare from the list and hit the 'Funds Compare' button and you will get a tabular list of the funds you have chosen