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Learning Center | Basics of investing and personal finance
Investing Basics
What the net asset value of a fund tells you
Learn how net asset value (NAV) works and find out whether a low NAV is all it's made out to be
How to build a portfolio
Having a separate portfolio for each financial goal gives you the best chance of fulfilling them. Here's how you can build such portfolios
The need to 'disinvest'
While investing is important, it is not an end in itself. Don't forget to also disinvest the right way
How equity mutual funds work
Investors invest in a mutual fund, which in turn invests on their behalf. Understand how this works
The right approach to investing
Don't start with a financial product but with understanding your needs
Equity mutual funds for long-term goals
Equity is an asset with the potential to beat inflation to earn real returns
The systematic methods: SIP, STP, SWP
These 3 terms are frequently used in the context of mutual funds. Learn what they mean and how you can benefit from these plans
Using ValueResearchOnline
Simplifying fund selection
The Fund Selector tool helps choose the right fund from the multitude of options available
Gauging the financial health of your stocks
What are the chances of your portfolio companies going bankrupt? And are they dressing up their books? Check out our Essential Checks
10 tools to make you a savvy stock investor
Here are ten tools you can use to access and analyse important data on stocks
Compare performance of stocks with suitable benchmarks
Use interactive price chart and performance table to find out the historical performance of your stocks
Easy way to track your transaction
Use the Transactions tab of our Portfolio Manager to keep track on your stock and fund transactions
Find out point-to-point returns with our tool
Use our Point-to-Point Returns tool and find out how your fund has performed in a particular period
How to analyse competition
Use these VRO tools to study what competition the company you are interested in faces and whether it is better placed than the competitors