Edelweiss Tokio Life Protection

Objective This is a pure risk term plan that offers protection for a fixed tenure. The policy proceeds are paid to the nominees on death of the insured.
What does it do? This term plan pays sum assured to the nominee in the event of death of the insured. The policy does not pay any maturity benefit on survival. Apart from regular and single premium payment options, there is a limited premium payment option wherein the policyholder can pay premiums for a limited term and enjoy insurance cover throughout the policy term. Surrender is allowed under single pay and limited pay options.
Pros Policyholders have the choice to pay premiums regularly, as one-time payment or a limited time payment.
The policy gives premium discount to high sum assured policies, non-tobacco users and females.
It provides coverage for higher age of up to 70 years.
The policy can be surrendered in case of an emergency.
Premiums paid towards this policy qualify for taxation benefits.
Cons Minimum sum assured of Rs 15 lakh can limit the policy to those looking for a high cover.
If one chooses to pay the premium throughout the policy term via the regular mode, the payments can only be made annually, and not †semi- annually, quarterly or monthly.
The policy doesnít offer any riders.
Suited for The policy is suitable for anyone looking for a term plan with more than Rs 15 lakh cover.
Our View This policy can be taken if you need a insurance cover and prefer to buy the policy with agentís assistance. It does not provide any riders. Limited premium payment mode can be useful to those unsure of regular income inflow after a few years, or those who fear faltering in paying regular premiums.