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HDFC Premium Guarantee Plan

Entry Age (years)  
Minimum 18
Maximum 55
Maximum Maturity Age (years) 65
Policy Term (years)  
Minimum 10
Maximum 30
Sum Assured (Rs)  
Minimum 300000
Maximum No Limit
Minimum Premium (Rs) 2400
Premium Payment Frequency Yearly; Half-yearly and Quarterly through ECS only.
Premium Payment Term Equal to policy term
Policy Cover Cover remains fixed for the tenure of the policy
Other Features  
Free Look Cancellation In case, you are not satisfied, you may choose to cancel the policy within 15 days of receiving the policy documents. Upon such cancellation, you will be paid back the premiums, minus the cost of stamp duty, medical reports and proportionate premium for the period for which the risk was covered.
Grace Period You are allowed to pay premiums within 15 days from the due date. If a due premium is not received within the grace period of 15 days, your policy will lapse and the life insurance cover, including the rider cover, if any, will be terminated.
Lapsed Policy Reinstatement A lapsed policy can be revived subject to underwriting. For Revival the Policy Holder has to pay all premiums not paid from paid to date along with any premium due in the next 15 days.
Tax Benefits Section 80C, 10 (10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 would apply.
Exclusions In case of death by suicide during the first policy year, or within one year from the date of reinstatement, no death benefit is payable. Further, if the Life Assured under the policy, whether medically sane or insane, commits suicide, within one year of exercising the option to increase the Sum Assured, then the amount of increased Sum Assured will not be considered in the calculation of the Death Benefit
Maturity Value On maturity, the risk cover ceases and the insurer will return all premiums paid over the term of the policy, excluding extra premium charged due to underwriting, revival fees if any, alteration charges if any, service tax and education cess.
Surrender Value Policy can be surrendered after first three years of the policy. 75% X Premiums paid (excluding the first premium, any extra premiums and revival or alteration charges) X duration elapsed up to the date of surrender in completed years/policy term.
Customer Service  
Address HDFC Standard Life Insurance COmpany Limited, 13th Floor, Lodha Excelus, Apollo Mills Compound, N M Joshi Road, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai - 400011
Mail To [email protected]
Call On 1800 227 227
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