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United India Personal Accident Policy

Entry Age (years)  
Minimum 12
Maximum 70
Maximum Policy Renewal Age (years) 80
Coverage Type Individual/ Individual and spouse
Sum Insured (Rs)  
Maximum 1000000
Minimum 25000
Policy Term (years) 1
Discount Family discount of 10% on sum insured is applicable
No Claim Bonus No claim bonus of 5% of sum insured for each claim free year upto maximum of 50% of sum insured
Customer Service  
Address United India Insurance Co. Ltd.
24, Whites Road,
Chennai - 600014
Mail to [email protected]
Call to 1800 425 333 33(toll free); 91-044-28520161
Scope of Cover
Cashless Facilityavailable at network hospitals
Reimbursement facilityavailable at non-network hospital
Accidental Deathcovered; pays 100% of sum insured
Accidental permanent total diablementcovered; pays 100% of sum insured
Loss of two limbs/ Two eyes or one limb and one eyecovered; pays 100% of sum insured
Loss of one limb or one eyecovered; pays 50% of sum insured
Permanent partial disablementcovered; pays certain % of sum insured as per policy
Temporary Total Disablement1 % of Capital Sum Insured per week Subject to a maximum of Rs 3000 per week for a maximum period of 100 weeks
Education fundpays for upto 2 dependent children as per policy terms
Transportation of dead body form accident sitecovered as per policy details
Optional Benefits (require additional premium)
Medical expensespays 25% of actual claim or 10% of sum insured
Exclusions and Waiting Period
General exclusionssuicide attemptpregnancy related claims