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National Insurance Personal Accident Policy

Entry Age (years)  
Minimum 5
Maximum 70
Maximum Policy Renewal Age (years) 70
Coverage Type Individual/ Family
Sum Insured (Rs)  
Maximum 72 months gross pay or Rs.1000000 whichever is less
Policy Term (years) 1
Discount Family discount of 10% if family members are insured on an individual basis under the same policy. Family discount is available for a maximum of 6 persons only
No Claim Bonus 5% no claim bonus for every claim free renewal till it reaches 50% of initial sum insured
Customer Service  
Address Head Office: National Insurance Company Limited
3 Middleton Street
Pincode : 700071
Mail to [email protected]
Call to 1800 419 4033
Scope Of Cover
Death benefitpays 100% of sum assured
Loss of two limbs, two eyes or one limb and one eyepays 100% of sum insured
Loss of one limb or one eyepays 50% of sum insured
Permanent total disablementpays 100% of sum insured
Permanent partial disablementpays a certain percentage of sum insured as stated in the policy document
Temporary total disablementpays 1% of sum insured per week upto maximum of 104 weeks. Weekly benefit not to exceed Rs 5000
Dead body transportationreimburses upto 2% of sum insured subject to maximum of Rs 1000
Education fund (for maximum of 2 children)10% of sum insured per child subject to maximum of Rs 5000 per child
Additional benefits (require extra premium)
Accidental medical expensesreimburses lower of 10% of sum insured or 40% of admissible expenses arising directly out of an accident
Exclusions and Waiting Period
Pre existing illnesses or disabilitynot covered