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National Insurance Critical Illness Policy

Entry Age (years)  
Minimum 20
Maximum 65
Coverage Type Individual
Sum Insured (Rs)  
Maximum 25 lakh
Minimum 5 lakh
Policy Term (years) 1
Customer Service  
Address Head Office: National Insurance Company Limited
3 Middleton Street
West Bengal
Pincode : 700071
Mail to [email protected]
Call to 1800 419 4033
Scope Of Cover
Critical Illnesses
Coronary Artery Surgerycovered upto 20% of sum insured
Renal Failure (failure of both kidneys)covered
Multiple Sclerosiscovered
Major organ transplants like lung, kidney, pancreas or bone marrowcovered
Exclusions and Waiting Period
Pre-existing illnessesnot covered
Survival period30 days after confirm diagnosis of critical illness for making a claim
Waiting periodany illness during first 90 days from inception of the policy will not be covered