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L&T my: health Personal Accident Insurance

Entry Age (years)  
Minimum 18; 5 for children
Maximum 70; 18 for children
Coverage Type Individual/ Family package
Policy Term (years) 1 or 2 or 3
Discount 10% discount on premium for 3 or more family members under the same policy.
Long Term policy discount of 10% for 2 year policy and 15% for 3 year policy term
No Claim Bonus 5% no claim bonus for every claim free renewal till it reaches 50% of initial sum insured
Free look Period 15 days
Grace Period for Policy Renewal 30 days
Policy Termination Either of the parties may terminate this policy by giving a 15 days notice. The insurer would pay proportionate premiums if no claim has been made.
Customer Service  
Address L&T General Insurance Company Limited
601-602, 6th Floor, Trade Centre,
Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (East),
Mumbai - 400051
Mail to [email protected]
Call to 1800-209-5846
SMS ‘LTI’ to 5607058
Network Hospitals Http://
Exclusions and Waiting Period
Pre-existing disability not covered
Scope Of Cover
Death benefitpays 100% of sum insured
Permanent total disabilityPays 100% of sum insured
Permanent Partial DisabilityCover varies from 1% to 50% of sum insured
Temporary Total Disabilitypays 1% of sum insured per week subject to maximum of Rs 6000 per week for a maximum period of 100 weeks under this policy in respect of any one injury
Education benefit (for dependent child upto 23 years of age)10% of sum insured upto maximum of Rs 12500 in case of one child or 10% of sum insured upto maximum of Rs 25000 for all children in case of more than one child
Loss of employment benefitpays lower of 1% of sum insured or Rs 15000 in event of loss of employment as a result of loss of limbs/eyes or permanent total or partial disablement due to an accident
Transportation expensecovered upto 2% of the sum insured or Rs 2500 whichever is lower
Ambulance chargescovered upto Rs 1000
Out patient medical expensesreimbursement up to 1000/- per accident or a maximum of 2500 per policy, for medical expenses incurred for treatment following an accident
Additional benefit (requires extra premium)
Cost of supporting itemspays lower of 2% of sum insured or actual expenses or Rs 10000 for use of wheelchair, artificial limbs, crunches etc.
Cost of travelpays lower of 2% of sum insured or actual expenses or Rs 10000 for carrying insured member from place of accident to home
Medical extension benefitpays a certain proportion of medical costs spent during hospitalisation as a result of accident
Exclusions and Waiting Period
Pre-existing disability not covered