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Discover Funds to get Regular Income

We believe that regular income seekers should invest some portion of their money, roughly a third, in equity and the rest in fixed income or equivalent. One can create such an asset allocation by combining equity and debt funds. ...  But for those looking for convenience can opt for equity savings funds which invest about a third each in equity, equity arbitrage and debt. To derive dependable, inflation-protected income, invest your accumulated savings in a couple of good equity savings funds and maintain a withdrawal rate in the range of 4-6% of the value of your investment every year. Below is the list of equity savings funds rated four or five star by Value Research.  Read more

Fund name Rating VR Opinion Category
Expense Ratio Ratios (%) Add to watchlist Add to My Investments
Returns (%) Returns (growth of 1 lakh) SIP Return (%) SIP Return (growth of 10k/mth)
PDFBaroda BNP Paribas Cons Hybrid Dir
4 star
PDFCanara Robeco Cons Hybrid Dir | Invest Online
5 star
PDFHDFC Retrmnt Svngs Hybrid Debt Dir | Invest Online
4 star
PDFICICI Pru Incm Optimizer (FOF) Dir | Invest Now
4 star
PDFICICI Pru Regular Svngs Dir | Invest Now
5 star
PDFICICI Pru Retrmnt Hybrid Cons Dir | Invest Now
4 star
PDFKotak Debt Hybrid Dir | Invest Online
5 star
PDFSBI Cons Hybrid Dir | Invest Online
4 star
PDFSBI Magnum Children's Benefit Svngs Dir | Invest Online
4 star
PDFEdelweiss Eqt Svngs Dir | Invest Online
5 star
HY-EQ S4.731,04,7334.131,22,3460.71
PDFKotak Eqt Svngs Dir | Invest Online
4 star
HY-EQ S8.571,08,5696.871,23,8811.12
PDFMahindra Manulife Eqt Svngs Dhan Sanchay Yjn Dir
4 star
HY-EQ S5.801,05,7992.911,21,6570.62
PDFMirae Asset Eqt Svngs Dir | Invest Online
5 star
HY-EQ S5.561,05,5615.011,22,8380.41
PDFSBI Eqt Svngs Dir
4 star
HY-EQ S4.601,04,5972.921,21,6630.64
PDFSundaram Eqt Svngs Dir
4 star
HY-EQ S6.591,06,5855.671,23,2080.65
PDFUTI Eqt Svngs Dir | Invest Online
4 star
HY-EQ S6.981,06,9826.471,23,6590.69