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DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund - Regular Plan

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Change from previous, NAV as on Jan 18, 2018
Category: Equity: Small Cap
Assets: R 6,890 crore (As on Dec 31, 2017)
Expense: 2.42% (As on Dec 31, 2017)
Investment Objective

The aim of the fund is to seek long-term capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio that is substantially constitutes of stocks that are not part of the top 300 companies by market capitalisation. Focus of the scheme is to deliver superior long term performance by selecting stocks of companies those are uncorrelated to broader markets & not sector specific.

Fund Managers
+ Jay Kothari since Mar 2013
+ Vinit Sambre since Jun 2010
As on Jun 19, 2017

Rock-solid performance since inception has helped this fund earn a five-star rating since 2016, with an improvement in its ranking from four stars in the earlier year. The fund has become such a go-to name in the micro-cap category that a flood of inflows has recently prompted the fund house to down its gates to new investments. Older SIP investments, however, continue to be accepted. About 50-60 per cent of the fund's portfolio is invested in small caps, with a 40-45 per cent mid-cap allocation. The fund's mandate requires 65 per cent of assets to be invested in stocks that are not among the top 300 companies by market cap, which gives it considerable flexibility in portfolio choices. In practice, the fund has been overweight on small caps relative to the peers and underweight on both mid- and large-cap holdings. It follows a buy-and-hold strategy, giving the small-cap bets enough time to pay off. In a category that has many funds that chase growth stocks, this fund is somewhat value conscious.

This is a rare small-cap fund to have beaten its benchmark in every one of the last eight years except 2009, which was a big bull year. This gap has widened of late with five-year and three-year returns beating the benchmark by 14-15 percentage points. The strong performance has seen the fund's assets expanding rapidly to over Rs 5,523 crore by March 2017.

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