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Indiabulls Ultra Short Term Fund

1 Lakh

Investment Grown to
₹ 1.08 Lakh

₹ 10000

Monthly SIP Grown to
₹ 1.25 Lakh

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Ultra Short Duration debt funds invest in bonds maturing in 3 to 6 months' time. They aim to earn slightly better returns than what you can get from a bank account or a short duration fixed deposit. The risk of incurring a loss in these funds is negligible but they do not guarantee returns or safety of capital.

Retail investors can avoid these funds altogether. Here's why. Debt funds are very finely classified depending upon the maturity of the bonds they invest in. For instance, there's a different category of funds that invests in bonds of up to 3 months maturity, from the one that invests in bonds maturing in 3-6 months, and so on. We believe that such a nuanced classification adds little value to retail investors. They can avoid this complexity and simply invest the money they don't need for up to the next one year in a Liquid fund.

Taxability of earnings:

Capital gains

  • If the mutual fund units are sold after 3 years from the date of investment, gains are taxed at the rate of 20% after providing the benefit of inflation indexation.
  • If the mutual fund units are sold within 3 years from the date of investment, entire amount of gain is added to the investors' income and taxed according to the applicable slab rate.
  • No tax is to be paid as long as you continue to hold the units.


  • Dividends paid by the mutual fund scheme are taxed at the rate of 25% (effectively 29.12%, including surcharge and cess). This is known as Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT).Though the investor does not pay this tax directly, it is deducted from the dividend income before passing on to the investor.

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Trailing Returns (%)

YTD 1-Day 1-W 1-M 3-M 6-M 1-Y 3-Y 5-Y 7-Y 10-Y
Fund 3.28 0.13 0.64 0.98 2.45 3.78 7.58 7.35 7.77 8.11 --
CCIL T Bill Liquidity Weight 1.78 0.11 0.16 0.35 1.22 2.09 4.36 4.26 4.43 4.75 --
Debt: Ultra Short Duration 2.49 0.09 0.32 0.67 1.65 3.06 6.52 6.13 6.79 7.67 --
Rank within category 1 2 1 1 1 1 7 6 4 4 --
Number of funds in category 27 28 28 28 28 26 23 16 16 14 12

As on 22-May-2020

Best & Worst Performance

Best (Period) Worst (Period)
Week 0.90 (24-Mar-2020 - 31-Mar-2020) -0.75 (09-Jul-2013 - 16-Jul-2013)
Month 1.52 (24-Mar-2020 - 23-Apr-2020) -0.17 (24-Jun-2013 - 24-Jul-2013)
Quarter 2.72 (17-Feb-2012 - 21-May-2012) 0.86 (24-Dec-2019 - 24-Mar-2020)
Year 10.16 (13-Jan-2012 - 14-Jan-2013) 6.38 (25-Mar-2019 - 24-Mar-2020)

Risk Measures (%)

Mean Std Dev Sharpe Sortino Beta Alpha
Fund 6.94 0.48 3.05 6.16 1.30 3.17
CCIL T Bill Liquidity Weight 4.16 0.26 -5.00 -9.29 -- --
Debt: Ultra Short Duration 5.99 1.61 1.49 3.46 1.32 2.25
Rank within category 8 4 3 4 12 4
Number of funds in category 18 18 18 18 18 18

The Risk Measures have been calculated using calendar month returns for the last three years.

As on 30-Apr-2020

Portfolio Aggregates

Fund 1Y High 1Y Low Category
Number of Securities 2 16 2 33
Modified Duration (yrs) -- -- -- --
Average Maturity (yrs) 0.39 0.48 0.29 --
Yield to Maturity (%) 4.76 7.52 4.76 --

Value Research Fund Style

Credit Rating vis-à-vis Category

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Top Holdings

Company Instrument Credit Rating 1Y Range % Assets
equal SIDBI 182-D 16/07/2020 Commercial Paper A1+ 0.00 - 53.46 53.46
equal Axis Bank 13/01/2021 Certificate of Deposit A1+ 0.00 - 38.44 38.44

up down equal Indicates an increase or decrease or no change in holding since last portfolio
new Indicates a new holding since last portfolio

As on 30-Apr-2020

Fund Manager

— Vikrant Mehta since 20-Jun-2019

Education: Mr. Mehta is CFA and M.S.

Experience: Prior to joining Indiabulls AMC he has worked with Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund, AIG India Liaison Office, NVS Brokerage Pvt. Ltd., JM Morgan Stanley Fixed Income Securities Pvt. Ltd. and Mata Securities India Pvt. Ltd.

Funds Managed:


Change from previous, NAV as on 22-May-2020

Growth: ₹ 1,971.2216

Dividend Weekly: ₹ 1,012.0708


Dividend Monthly: ₹ 1,016.3615

Dividend Fortnightly: ₹ 1,013.3990

Dividend Daily: ₹ 1,012.0262

Investment Strategy

The scheme seeks to provide liquidity with returns commensurate with low risk through a portfolio of money market and debt securities such that the Macaulay duration of the portfolio is between 3 months-6 months.

Investment Details

Minimum Investment (₹) 500
Minimum Addl Investment (₹) 500
Minimum SIP Investment (₹) 500
Minimum No of Cheques 12
Minimum Withdrawal (₹) 500
Minimum Balance (₹) 5,000
Exit Load 0

Basic Details

Fund House: Indiabulls Mutual Fund
Launch Date: 06-Jan-2012
Return Since Launch: 8.43%
Benchmark: CRISIL Ultra ST Debt
Riskometer: Moderately Low
Type: Open-ended
Assets: ₹ 46 Cr (As on 30-Apr-2020)
Expense: 0.66% (As on 30-Apr-2020)
Risk Grade: Below Average
Return Grade: Average

Most Recent Dividends

Plan Record Date Dividend (₹ / Unit)  
Dividend Daily22-May-20200.0416

Dividend Weekly18-May-20201.3899

Dividend Fortnightly11-May-20203.6226

Dividend Monthly27-Apr-20205.6541


Contact Information

AMC: Indiabulls Asset Management Company Ltd.

Address: Indiabulls Finance Centre - 11th Floor, Elphinstone Mills, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone (W), Mumbai - 400013

Phone: 022-61891300 / 1800-2666-002

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.indiabullsamc.com

Registrar & Transfer Agent: KFin Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Address: 303, Vamsee Estates, Opp. Big Bazaar, Ameerpet, Hyderabad - 500016

Phone: 040-44857874

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.karvymfs.com

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