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HDFC Top 100 Fund

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Very High

Value Research Rating

4 star

₹867.9030 0.51%

As on 27-Sep-2023


This fund's returns are currently better than the category average.

This fund’s holdings are mostly in Large Cap stocks and in debt instruments, which means it’s following
a conservative investment strategy. Last updated 2 days ago. Learn More

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Risk info

This fund has Very High risk.

Low to Moderate
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Very High

As per SEBI's Riskometer.

Portfolio of HDFC Top 100 Fund

This fund's portfolio is largely conservative

This fund’s holdings are mostly in Large Cap stocks and in debt instruments, which means it’s following a
conservative investment strategy. Last updated 2 days ago.Learn More

Asset Allocation

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Peer Comparison

This fund compares better than its peers in most aspects.

Other details of HDFC Top 100 Fund

Assets info

₹25,423 Cr

Exit Load (Days) info

1.00 (365)

Min. Investment (₹)


Min. Withdrawal (₹)


Min. SIP Investment (₹)


Min. No of Cheques


FAQ for HDFC Top 100 Fund

HDFC Top 100 Fund is mandated to invest at least 80 per cent of its assets in large-cap stocks at all times.

Mutual funds can be bought directly from the website of the fund house. For instance, HDFC Top 100 Fund fund can be purchased from the website of HDFC Mutual Fund. You can also buy mutual funds through platforms like MF Central, MF Utility, among others. However, if you are not comfortable buying mutual funds online, you can seek help of a mutual fund distributor. Most banks also act as mutual fund distributors. So you can connect with your bank for assistance.

The NAV of HDFC Top 100 Fund is ₹867.9030 as of 29-Sep-2023.

The AUM of HDFC Top 100 Fund Fund is ₹25,423 Cr as of 31-Aug-2023

The riskometer level of HDFC Top 100 Fund is Very High. See More

As of 31-Aug-2023, HDFC Top 100 Fund had invested 94.27% in Equity and 5.73% in Cash & Cash Eq. See More

HDFC Top 100 Fund is 27 years 1 months old. It has delivered 18.83% returns since inception. See More

Since Inception

The minimum SIP amount of HDFC Top 100 Fund is ₹100.

No, There is no lock in period in HDFC Top 100 Fund.

The expense ratio of HDFC Top 100 Fund is 1.69%.

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