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Value Research is about providing accurate, trusted and indispensable investment information to achieve your financial goals better.
Value Research is the independent provider of investment information. Founded in 1990, we capitalise on our unique position the first dedicated fund research company in India. Closely tracking the universe of Indian mutual funds, we have emerged as the most trusted provider of mutual fund information in India.
Today Source: Value Research is the most widely used mutual fund performance attribution in India. Well known for fund performance reporting and Fund Ratings -- the first risk-adjusted rating system for managed funds (since 1994), we publish our mutual fund data, ratings and commentary through Internet and print services.
At Value Research, you – the investor, always comes first. Our subscribers include investors, investment advisors, financial service providers, asset management companies and the media. But we never lose sight of your needs. This defines our business.
Independent - We believe that we can't be both – a player and a referee. Our independence is paramount to the integrity of the information we provide. That's why Value Research has no debt or equity relationship with any fund manager (or investment advisory group, for that matter), nor do we offer or participate in investment management or investment advisory activities or selling funds. We do not charge fund managers to be researched and rated. Our revenues come from our subscribers. This eliminates any conflict of interest, and ensures our independence and objectivity.
Transparent - What you see is what you get. For us to assist you invest better, you have to be able to see how we drew our conclusions, so you can match our information to your circumstances, needs, goals and attitudes. We follow open and documented methodologies for all we present – data, analysis and ratings.
Trusted & acclaimed. With our statistics and analysis quoted in all leading business media, Value Research is a widely recognised attribution indicating reliability and accuracy in investment information. Value Research has won the trust of the media over the years for an accurate coverage, telling analysis and influential commentaries.
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