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We help you invest wisely

We provide investment advice, analysis and information through this website, our two magazines and through the books we publish. We cover nearly the entire range of investment avenues available in India, including mutual funds, stocks and fixed-income investment options.

We serve a far larger audience than those who are directly our customers as most leading newspapers, magazines and TV channels regularly use our inputs to enhance their coverage of investments and personal finance. We are also the most widely used source for opinion and data on Indian mutual funds.

We started in 1990 and work from our two offices Ė in Delhi and Mumbai.

Our belief

We believe in the power of keeping it simple. Simple strategies and simple financial products which can be understood by anyone. Such strategies can be followed for a long time without having to be adjusted in response to what might be happening in the economy or the markets.

We believe that every individual himself is best positioned to take care of his financial future.

We believe in the long-term prospects for carefully chosen stocks or equity funds.

We believe that every investor can build wealth over time with simple strategies without having a lot of money or time.

We believe in prudence before making any investment. Buy a term plan to financially secure your dependents. Buy health insurance to avoid disruption in your savings and investment plan. Avoid insurance-linked investments; they donít serve your needs objectively. One should invest conservatively for short-term goals. For your long-term goals invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks or equity funds steadily over time to reduce your risk.


We work hard with sincerity to help millions of savers invest wisely. Our work is seen and appreciated by our loyal users everyday. We work in small multi-functional teams to deliver the finest advice, investment ideas and technology service. This enables a great learning and rapid growth opportunities.

We are a small group which works like a startup. But we run with a long-term orientation to stay in business. We don't spend more than we earn and we have been profitable every year since our incorporation in 1994.

We are always on the lookout for curious and talented people with positive attitude and solution oriented approach. In the technology function we have roles for programmers, database administrators, and user interface designers. For our analytical and editorial work we have roles for financial analysts and editors.

We pay competitive salaries and a performance linked incentive based on a transparent incentive system. So if you are ready to work in a fast-paced environment with a team of dynamic, enthusiastic and motivated individuals, then feel free to start a conversation.

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