News & Views - SBI Magnum Gilt Fund - Long Term Plan

SBI Mutual Fund has announced dividend under the following schemes: Scheme |
SBI Mutual Fund relies on its past glory, but hasn't performed too well in recent years… |
The fund house has the complete array of funds in its stable to suit different needs... |
India's 2nd oldest AMC, SBI has played the dual role of earning profits & expanding the reach of mutual funds… |
SBI Mutual Fund has announced a change in the exit load of SBI Magnum Gilt-Long Term with effect fro |
SBI Mutual Fund has announced to change the name of all the schemes with the prefix "Magnum" from Ap |
SBI Mutual Fund has announced the change in custodians of the Magnum Balanced Fund, Magnum Gilt Fund |
SBI Mutual Fund has announced the record date for the declaration of dividend under the dividend pla |
After IDBI-Principal Mutual Fund, SBI Mutual Fund will offer its Debt schemes and a Tax Saving Schem |
Even as the returns look impressive, they are likely to realign downwards over time. |
Its just what the doctor ordered! The rate cut came in time for debt funds as a jittery market started to pull down the NAVs. Yet, it would be a while before losses are fully recouped. |
SBI Mutual Fund is launching Magnum Gilt Fund, which will be dedicated to the government securities |