News & Views - HDFC Cash Management Fund - Savings Plan

It is not easy to choose a debt fund, given the huge variety of schemes available in the category |
HDFC Mutual Fund has a stable leadership team that has done exceedingly well even in bearish markets… |
HDFC Mutual Fund has announced a change in fund manager. Mr. Bharat Pareek shall be replaced by Mr. |
HDFC Mutual Fund has reduced the minimum investment amount from Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs.10,000 for Initial |
Bharat Prateek has been appointed as the fund manager for HDFC Cash Management Fund - Savings Plan w |
HDFC MF has notified that with effect from February 20, 2009, for all investments through Systema |
The Divided Distribution Tax has risen for liquid and money market funds. Banks will benefit because their deposits will not be relatively as unattractive as they are now compared to such funds |
After building strengths in debt funds, HDFC Mutual Fund has become a powerful player in equity funds. It has some top performing funds in its stable across categories. |
Effective February 12, 2005, HDFC Cash Management Fund, HDFC Gilt Fund, HDFC Sovereign Gilt Fund, and HDFC Cash Management Fund would have new managers |
HDFC Mutual Fund is a leading light of the mutual fund industry with a full spectrum of products. The combination of a number of performing funds and a strong retail brand should help this AMC stay at the top. |
Milind Barve, MD HDFC AMC talks about the fund's big plans after the acquisition of Zurich India AMC and also about managing risks and growth |
Zurich India Mutual Fund has introduced more dividend options in two of its schemes namely, Zurich I |