News & Views - Sahara Liquid Fund - Fixed Pricing Option

Sahara Mutual Fund has a few funds that perform sporadically, but nothing worth boasting aboutů |
Sahara Mutual Fund has announced that with effect from February 28, 2011, Mr. Ashwini Kumar has been |
Ms. Richa Sharma has been appointed as a Fund Manager - Fixed Income, with effect from 11 November, |
The Divided Distribution Tax has risen for liquid and money market funds. Banks will benefit because their deposits will not be relatively as unattractive as they are now compared to such funds |
Sahara Mutual Fund has introduced variable pricing option under Sahara Liquid Fund. As per the new o |
After a six-month-long acquisition and regulatory process, it's finally official - the First India Mutual Fund is now Sahara Mutual Fund. This marks Sahara's, one of India's largest NBFCs, entry into the MF business. |
First India Mutual Fund has announced monthly dividends in two of its schemes. A dividend of 0.30 pe |
With its acquisition of First India, Sahara India makes its foray into mutual fund business. For investors in First India Mutual Fund, it's surely a step forward, as they can now take a long-term stand |