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Ask Value Research is our online help center where our analysts answer your investment queries. This helpline is a public forum, where you not only get answers to your own queries, but also learn by reading answers given to others. To be considered in Ask Value Research, please email your queries to

Well-diversified Portfolio   Research Desk |  Jul 13, 2012
You’ve built a good portfolio of 4 diversified funds. You should continue investing in it…

On a Rocky Road   Research Desk |  Jul 12, 2012
Jaypee Infratech’s stock hasn’t had a good run since its listing. Find out if it’s a worthy investment…

Dividend Yield Confusions   Research Desk |  Jul 12, 2012
Find out the difference between dividend yield funds & the dividend option of equity funds…

Power Out   Research Desk |  Jul 12, 2012
Energy & power sector funds have disappointed investors. Find out what to do if you're investing in them…

Strong Brand Equity   Research Desk |  Jul 11, 2012
Factor in the company’s capex plans before you invest in HSIL, India’s largest sanitaryware player…

Aggressive Bets   Research Desk |  Jul 11, 2012
Supplement your diversified portfolio with aggressive bets by choosing these funds�

Balancing in Balanced Funds   Research Desk |  Jul 11, 2012
Find out how balancing is done in balanced funds & the frequency at which it is retained…

Tested Tyres   Research Desk |  Jul 10, 2012
Balkrishna Industries enjoys the advantages of labour costs in India. Find out about its future prospects…

Avoid Daily SIPs   Research Desk |  Jul 10, 2012
Daily SIPs in equity funds don’t make sense for long-term investments. Find out why…

Best Short-term Bond Funds   Research Desk |  Jul 10, 2012
Short-term bond funds are likely to do well in the coming year. Choose from these options…

Better Diversification   Research Desk |  Jul 09, 2012
While ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip is a good fund, DSP BlackRock Equity provides more diversification…

Continue with HDFC Top 200   Research Desk |  Jul 09, 2012
HDFC Top 200’s rating has fallen to 4-stars, but it remains a good fund to invest in…

ULIP Investments   Research Desk |  Jul 09, 2012
A major part of your money in ULIPs is invested in the equity & debt markets…

Understanding PPF   Research Desk |  Jul 06, 2012
Find out how much interest you earn & the other things to keep in mind about PPF investments…

Redeeming ULIPs   Research Desk |  Jul 06, 2012
Don’t mix investments with insurance. Follow these guidelines to redeem your older ULIPs…

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