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Ask Value Research is our online help center where our analysts answer your investment queries. This helpline is a public forum, where you not only get answers to your own queries, but also learn by reading answers given to others. To be considered in Ask Value Research, please email your queries to

Understanding Risks   Research Desk |  Jun 22, 2012
A large-cap fund will be less risky than a mid- & small-cap fund. Choose as per your risk profile…

Exit Infra Funds   Research Desk |  Jun 22, 2012
Redeem your investments in Tata Indo-Global Infrastructure fund. Invest the proceeds in a diversified fund…

Choosing by Ratings   Research Desk |  Jun 21, 2012
The Value Research Fund Rating is revised once every month. The ratings can help in selecting funds…

Investing for 2 Years   Research Desk |  Jun 21, 2012
Equities are undesirable for an investment horizon of 2 years. Here are other options you can opt for…

Impact of Managerial Change   Larissa Fernand |  Jun 21, 2012
Don’t sell a fund just because of a fund manager change. There are many factors that drive the fund

Taking Risks for Returns   Research Desk |  Jun 20, 2012
SBI Magnum Emerging Business has delivered good returns, but it remains a risky bet…

Transfer to Spouse   Research Desk |  Jun 20, 2012
Find out the ways & tax implications of getting fund investments transferred to your spouse’s name…

ULIP Redemption Guidelines   Research Desk |  Jun 20, 2012
Insurance & investment shouldn’t be mixed. Follow these general guidelines of redeeming older ULIPs…

Possibility of Fraud   Research Desk |  Jun 19, 2012
Find out what you should do if an AMC is unable to locate an investment you made with them…

Don't give up on HDFC Top 200   Research Desk |  Jun 19, 2012
HDFC Top 200’s rating has dropped from 5-star to 4-star. But you shouldn’t consider exiting it as yet…

Best ELSS Funds   Research Desk |  Jun 19, 2012
Here are some good as well as aggressive funds from the tax-saving category to invest in…

Wait & Watch   Research Desk |  Jun 18, 2012
Pantaloon Retail’s de-merger will help reduce its core retail debt. But does that make it a good investment now?

Sectoral Fund Rationale   Research Desk |  Jun 18, 2012
Your investments in sectoral funds like a pharma fund should be only a small portion of your portfolio…

Unrated MNC Funds   Research Desk |  Jun 15, 2012
The two MNC funds are not rated by us because our system requires a homogenous set of funds in a category…

Estimating Future NAV   Research Desk |  Jun 15, 2012
Find out if a fund’s NAV be the same 5 years later as it is now if the Sensex is at the same level…

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