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Ask Value Research is our online help center where our analysts answer your investment queries. This helpline is a public forum, where you not only get answers to your own queries, but also learn by reading answers given to others. To be considered in Ask Value Research, please email your queries to

Increasing SIP   Research Desk |  Jul 20, 2012
How can you increase the SIP amount in your existing equity fund investments? Find out…

Potentially Higher Returns   Research Desk |  Jul 19, 2012
Long-term investments in large- & mid-cap funds help tide over volatility & deliver potentially higher returns…

Rethink Technology   Research Desk |  Jul 19, 2012
Discontinue SIPs in DSPBR Technology fund, but hold your units if you don’t need the money…

Never time the markets   Research Desk |  Jul 18, 2012
SIPs are always better than lump sum investments

Be cautious about gold   Research Desk |  Jul 18, 2012
Invest only when you already have a well diversified portfolio and that too for hedging but limit the exposure to only 5-10 per cent

Your Discipline Matters   Research Desk |  Jul 17, 2012
Be disciplined with your investments. Don’t invest in lump sums & keep investing through lean times…

Fund Management Charges   Research Desk |  Jul 16, 2012
An equity mutual fund is allowed to charge a maximum of 2.50 per cent as fees. Find out more…

New Infra Bonds   Research Desk |  Jul 16, 2012
Interest earned on new infrastructure bonds is tax-free in your hands. Find out more about them…

Invest through Lean Times   Research Desk |  Jul 16, 2012
Keep investing in a portfolio of good funds. Evaluate your investments after a full market cycle…

Temporary Rise   Research Desk |  Jul 13, 2012
The current rise in the markets should be taken as a consolation. Now can be a good time to redeem…

Redeem Infra Now   Research Desk |  Jul 13, 2012
Redeem your investments from infrastructure funds now as your losses would be much lesser…

Well-diversified Portfolio   Research Desk |  Jul 13, 2012
You’ve built a good portfolio of 4 diversified funds. You should continue investing in it…

On a Rocky Road   Research Desk |  Jul 12, 2012
Jaypee Infratech’s stock hasn’t had a good run since its listing. Find out if it’s a worthy investment…

Dividend Yield Confusions   Research Desk |  Jul 12, 2012
Find out the difference between dividend yield funds & the dividend option of equity funds…

Power Out   Research Desk |  Jul 12, 2012
Energy & power sector funds have disappointed investors. Find out what to do if you're investing in them…

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